Why You Can’t Spot Reduce Fat & What To Do Instead



Why You Can't Spot Reduce Fat & What To Do Instead

Losing fat is not as difficult as you might think. All you need to do is form new habits, start exercising, and sleep well every night. You can even speed up your weight loss by drinking more water, getting enough rest, and eating a high-protein diet. However, the majority of people believe they are not overweight and that all they need to lose are their love handles and extra thigh fat. Without a doubt, our torso and lower body are the areas where fat accumulates the most, and losing that weight is extremely difficult. So first, let’s clarify whether you can target fat loss to a specific body part or not.

Body-Specific Fat Loss

Target fat loss is known as spot reduction in the fitness world. For example, if a person only wants to lose belly fat, they should focus solely on crunches and avoid weight training. Spot reduction has no scientific basis, and it is not even possible to target fat loss. When we gain fat, we gain it as a whole, and when we lose weight, it goes from all over the body in proper proportion. Without a doubt, the face fat is the first to go, and these stubborn fat areas like the lower body and torso region take a little longer, but it eventually sheds if you stay consistent.

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So, if you’ve been doing standing twisters to lose love handles, now is the time to stop chasing spot reduction and concentrate on these hacks for your fat loss.

Master Compound Moments

Compound exercises involve working more than two muscles at the same time, which helps burn not only fat but also build muscle. If you want to lose stubborn fat, your workout should be focused on compound movements. Squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and overhead shoulder presses are examples of compound exercises. Squats can help you lose thigh fat and, in general, lower body fat. Conditioning can be aided by the deadlift and bench press, while upper body fat loss can be assisted by the shoulder press.

Empty Stomach Workout

When you exercise on an empty stomach, your body draws energy from your stored fat and uses it as a fuel. In layman’s terms, body fat serves as a source of energy. Furthermore, your empty stomach workout should include cardio because our heart rate is at its highest during cardio, which aids in calorie burn. The best part about doing an empty stomach workout is that it sets the tone for the rest of your day.

Don’t Be Predictable

The human body is extremely intelligent; it takes very little time to learn and form a pattern. If you always start your workout with the treadmill, switch it up every 15 days, and if you only do three sets of exercises, increase it to four. These minor changes not only shock your body, but they also help you target your fat.

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