Which milk is better between cow and buffalo milk?

cow and buffalo milk


In Ayurveda, milk is called a complete diet. Many experts are of the opinion that every day we should drink at least one cup of milk. Due to the abundance of nutrients, it is an excellent diet. If you want to stay healthy and fit then you must drink milk daily.

The question in the mind of many people is that which milk should we drink? Cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk! There is a difference in the amount and digestibility of nutritious elements in the milk of these two. Buffalo milk is used more in dairy products. Today India ranks number one in the world with an annual milk production of 165 million tonnes.

Which one you should choose between cow’s milk and buffalo’s milk depends on you. Every person’s need is different and he should choose his options according to his need. In today’s article, we are going to give you information about cow and buffalo, nutritious elements present in these days and their usefulness so that you can choose the right option.

‚Äčcow and buffalo milk

1. Protein

Buffalo milk contains more protein than cow’s milk. Buffalo milk contains 18% protein while cow’s milk contains 15% protein. Due to more protein, buffalo’s milk is heavy to digest then cow’s milk is digestible. Those whose hair is falling more are advised to drink buffalo milk.

2. Fat / Fat

Buffalo milk is more fat than cow’s milk, so fat people should not drink it. Buffalo milk contains 7% fat and cow’s milk contains 4% fat. Because it is heavy to digest, it should not be given to small children and elderly people. Those who want to increase their weight can drink buffalo milk.

3. Calories

There are 110 calories in 100 ml of buffalo milk and 66 calories in cow’s milk. Due to the low calorie intake, drinking cow’s milk does not put you at risk of gaining weight.

4. Calcium

Buffalo milk contains 41% and cow’s milk contains 27% calcium. Young children whose weight is under control and who want to strengthen their bones can overcome calcium deficiency by drinking buffalo milk.

5. Vitamins and Minerals

Buffalo milk is also rich in magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, and sodium. Vitamin A is 9% in cow’s milk and 7% in cow’s milk. Sodium in buffalo milk is 127mg and in cow’s milk is 105mg. Buffalo milk contains 2% iron whereas cow’s milk does not. It is useful for women.

6. Cholesterol

Buffalo milk has less cholesterol than cow’s milk. Therefore, high blood pressure, thyroid, kidney patients and PCOD patients should drink buffalo milk. Ghee made from cow’s milk pacifies pitta, whereas ghee made from buffalo’s milk increases phlegm.

7. Water

Cow’s milk contains 87% water and buffalo’s milk contains 83% water. Cow’s milk is also useful to overcome the lack of water in the body. Buffalo milk is thicker than cow’s milk.

Why is cow’s milk the best?

Cow’s milk is considered the best in Ayurveda.

  • Anti-virus elements are found in cow’s milk.
  • Being digestible, it can be easily digested by small to elders.
  • An element called Farebro enhances memory.
  • Cow’s Dharoshna i.e. fresh milk that comes out immediately is supposed to remove eye light, cancer and many complex defects. It also increases the power of reasoning.
  • These seven metals are nutritious.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids are also found in it, which corrects the blockage in the blood and rivers.
  • Cow’s milk is the best option for babies after mother’s milk.
  • In Ayurveda, black cow’s milk is said to be the best. This and the milk of brown and pied cows are vatashamak and milk of yellow cows is anti-pitta along with vata. White cow’s milk is phlegmatic.
  • The best time to drink cow’s milk is at night. During the day you can drink buttermilk made from milk after meals.

So this was useful health information related to cow and buffalo milk.

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