What A Lumpy Sensation In Your Throat Indicates, ENT Specialist Answers



What A Lumpy Sensation In Your Throat Indicates, ENT Specialist Answers

Your throat can experience issues like sore throat, irritation, pain, and difficulty swallowing, which can be due to a particular disease or infection. However, sometimes people also experience a feeling that they have a lump in their throat, but upon examination, nothing unusual is found. This may sound surprising. Doctors call this condition a globus sensation that can occur to anyone, regardless of their gender. To know more about this condition, the OnlyMyHealth editorial team talked to Dr Sanjay Bhatia, Consultant-ENT Surgery, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, Mumbai, Maharashtra,

What Does Having a Lumpy Feeling in Throat Mean?

Dr Bhatia said, “A lumpy sensation in the throat usually indicates a feeling of foreign body sensation in the throat, but examination does not reveal any lump. It is also called globus pharyngeus or hystericus.”

According to a report published in the National Library of Medicine portal, of all new ear, nose, and throat referrals, nearly four percent accounts for globus sensation.

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Who Can Get Globus Sensation?

According to Dr Bhatia, the exact cause of the globus sensation is unknown. However, the following conditions explain the reason one can experience a lumpy feeling in the throat.

Anxiety & Reflux Disorder

He stated that typically, people who experience a lumpy feeling in their throat are patients who have acid reflux disorder. In acid reflux, the acid from your stomach goes back to your esophagus, irritating its lining and throat. In addition to this, these people have anxiety disorders. These patients have a fear that there is a possibility of having throat cancer, which causes anxiety in them.

Pharyngeal Inflammation & Tonsillitis

There are other issues that make people believe they have a globus sensation. It also happens in pharyngeal inflammation, tonsillitis, etc. Apart from this, any thyroid swelling, tumors, or previously lodged foreign body can also give a globus or a lumpy feeling in the throat.

muscle coordination disorder

Additionally, some specialists also feel that it is the coordination disorder of the ‘swallow muscle’ or oesophageal muscle. Even a post-nasal mucous secretion can cause the globus sensation, added Dr Bhatia.

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Globus Sensation Treatment

In people who experience globus sensation, the treatment is based on treating the underlying symptoms responsible for causing this feeling. In this, people who are dealing with anxiety issues are given counselling. Dr Bhatia said, “The main line of treatment is to counsel the patient and treat the underlying cause. Most of the time, it is reflux disorder, and the treatment is directed to lifestyle changes and medication.”

What Are The Complications?

According to Dr Bhatia, there are usually no complications when someone experiences a globus sensation, and patients can eat and drink without any problems.

When To See A Doctor?

If you experience these symptoms, you must seek a doctor’s attention. Dr Bhatia said, “If the symptoms persist, we recommend consulting a doctor to evaluate and investigate them thoroughly so that any underlying pathology is not missed.”

Visiting a doctor when in doubt will rule out the possibility of any major problems like tonsillitis, issues with the thyroid gland, and even tumors.

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