Ways To Get Rid Of Dry And Flaky Skin During Winters



How To Get Rid Dry And Flaky Skin During Winters, Expert Explains

Winters make the surrounding air relatively dry and cold. Humidity drops gradually, which leads to issues of dry & parched skin. Also, the skin is not able to produce the needed oils that it would during summer due to the humidity in the air.

Ways To Get Rid Of Dry And Flaky Skin During Winters

In an exclusive interaction with OnlyMyHealth editorial team, Dr Kiran Godse, Dermatology & Cosmetology, Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi-A Fortis Network shares how we can get rid of dry and flaky skin during the winter season. Here is what she shared with us.

1. Skin hydration

To begin with, one should avoid hot showers and instead opt for warm or cold showers. As though hot showers may seem comforting during winter, the hot water dries out the moisture and damages the skin, making it drier. Also, using gentle soap-free cleansers is advised to avoid excessive stripping of the skin and its moisture. One should skip using strong scrubs or loofahs during the shower, as these too aggravate dryness. Post-shower, one should generously apply a moisturizer on the whole body when the skin is damp to facilitate better absorption.

Reapplication of the moisturizer is necessary, especially for those whose skin becomes too dry, flaky, and itchy during winter. Clay-based face masks can be used to keep the skin hydrated. Lip balms must be used to avoid chapping of the lips. For the ones suffering from severe dryness or conditions like eczema, or psoriasis it is best to consult a dermatologist as these conditions are likely to exacerbate during winter.

Ways To Get Rid Of Dry And Flaky Skin During Winters

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2. Apply Sunscreen

During the pandemic many used sanitizers which contain alcohol and have continued the usage, hence it should be made sure to use a moisturizer post it so that the skin of the palm and hands doesn’t become dry and starts peeling. Irrespective of using moisturisers during winter, one should not skip using sunscreen as the rays are harsh, especially during the afternoon and moisturisers do not contain SPF. As an alternative, one can apply moisturisers that contain SPF.

Hair care

As much as our skin gets dry, our hair gets dry and frizzy too. So, using gentle shampoos followed by a conditioner or a hair mask kept for at least 5 min works best to nourish & soften our hair strands. Dandruff is another inevitable issue for many people, especially in winter as the scalp becomes too dry due to lack of humidity. Using a medicated dandruff shampoo prescribed by a dermatologist at least 2-3 times a week is recommended. One should keep this shampoo on the scalp for at least 3-5 minutes to allow it to act and then rinse it out. For those with dandruff, excessive hair oiling is not advised. Hair oil application just an hour or two before hair wash is sufficient.

4. Balanced diet

Diet plays an important role in healthy skin. One should drink enough water, as in winter hydration helps the skin. A balanced diet should be followed, and seasonal fruits should be made part of it. A healthy diet will help in regulating the skin.

Overall, for the winter it is all about moisturisation. In case the above measures don’t help, one should consult a dermatologist.