Tips To Effectively Reduce Hair Fall In Winters



4 Tips To Effectively Reduce Hair Fall In Winters

With the onset of winters, you must be losing a lot of hair fall. From your bathroom drain clogged with your hair strands to your comb, it is devastating to lose hair during the winter season. You must be wondering what causes the hair to fall so extensively in winters, it is because just like our skin, the hair also get cyclical due to the change in the season.

We tend to lose hair during the winter season due to the dry air outside. The windy atmosphere sucks out all the moisture from the scalp which makes it dry which in turn leads to hair damage, excessive hair breakage and hair loss. For the same reason only, we also experience dandruff, and itchy scalp. Well, we know this can be upsetting but don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Tips To Effectively Reduce Hair Fall In Winters

Here are a few ways how you can reduce a significant amount of hair fall this winter season.

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1. Oil massage

As mentioned earlier, winter season strips away the natural oil and moisture from the scalp due to the dry air outside. Therefore, to counter this natural phenomenon massage your scalp and hair with oil. Oil massages will help in increasing the blood circulation to the scalp which will cater to strengthening the hair follicles from within.

Depending on what may suit your hair better, you may choose from coconut, almond or olive oils. Add a capsule of vitamin E, mix it well in warm oil and apply thoroughly from the scalp to hair strands.

Tips To Effectively Reduce Hair Fall In Winters

2. Eat healthy

We are what we eat. What we feed to our body on the inside is how it appears on the outside. Poor diet tends to have a negative impact not only on our skin but also hair which leads to hair breakage and hair fall. Therefore, it is important to consume a diet rich in essential vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy fats. Incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet to promote a healthy skin and hair.

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3. Stay hydrated

During the cold and windy season, we easily forget to drink enough water since the body does not actively crave for it like that in the summer season. It is important to understand that water is the magic potion that we all need to stay hydrated from within. Therefore, drink enough water to keep the hair also hydrated. In addition, it will also prevent split ends, and brittle hair.

Tips To Effectively Reduce Hair Fall In Winters

4. Keep away from heating tools

The heat from straightening and curling irons makes the hair dry and damaged. In addition to the prevailing dryness in the winter season, the heating tools may worsen your hair. Thus, it is in the best interest to put aside your heating tools this winter season. You can style your hair with a nice scarf or a hair band if you are experiencing a bad hair day.