Tips to deal with digital dementia



Digital Dementia: Tips To Deal With A Modern Day Health Crisis

Digital dementia is a modern-day health crisis caused by a sensory mismatch in the brain due to excessive use of technology and slumped sitting posture.

Adolescents with digital dementia have a deterioration in cognition and short-term memory loss, which are potential signs of dementia. Your children may be at risk for digital dementia if they spend hours every day seated in front of technology devices with poor posture and little mobility.

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Developmental delays, short-term memory loss, social seclusion, lack of mobility, anxiety, depression, rage, balance difficulties, and uncoordinated movement patterns are all signs and symptoms of digital dementia.

How Does Digital Dementia Progress?

When people spend too much time on their gadgets with improper posture, they experience sensory dissociation, in which the back of the brain is overactive and the front of the brain is underactive.

The occipital lobe at the back of the brain analyzes visual inputs such as visual cues from a video game, social media, or television programme. The frontal and parietal lobes of the brain are under-stimulated while seated and engaged with technology. These brain regions are in charge of higher-order thinking and positive behaviors such as motivation, goal setting, reading, writing, memory, and socially appropriate activities. These brain regions are also in charge of movement and body position perception.

Tips To Prevent Digital Dementia

Outdoor Activities

Playing, especially outside, awakens your sensory and motor brain through movement and tactile feeling. Running about, leaping up and down, and swinging back and forth develop fine motor pathways and stimulate the area of ​​your brain that improves your balance and posture. “Play” is critical for the growth of youngsters as well as the health of adults and the elderly.

Follow Proper Posture

We can all afford to minimize our screen time per day, it is unrealistic to propose eliminating it. There is no need to avoid using mobile phones. All that you can do is improve your posture when interacting with technology.

Pull Your Phone Up To Eye Level

You can pull your shoulders and head back while seated in front of the computer. With both feet on the ground and your spine straight, your ear should be over your shoulder and your shoulders over your hips.

Don’t use your laptop in compromising positions. Avoid using a laptop by taking it on your lap. Also, maintain a proper distance from the screen.

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There is no getting past the fact that technology is a part of our society. How you interact with technology has the potential to impact your life.

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