Things To Avoid After Meals



8 Common Habits To Avoid Right After Meals

We may think that eating right is enough to keep us healthy, however, what you do pre- and post-meals is also equally important. Many of us have the habit of taking a nap after eating meals, which is a strict no. While some tend to eat fruits, others consume tea or coffee. It is necessary to check on such habits as they can hamper your digestion process and lead to other problems. Read this article to discover the habits that should be avoided after meals.

8 Things To Avoid After Meals

1. Don’t Eat Fruits

Fruits should not be eaten immediately after a meal as they mix with the food consumed. This limits its absorption and nutrient value and may cause digestive problems.


Blood surrounds the stomach to aid digestion after eating, and your body temperature changes when you take a bath. As a result, digestion is impaired and slows down due to the blood being diverted from the stomach to the skin surface in order to bring the body back to its original temperature.

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Exercising immediately after eating is not appropriate as it can hamper the digestion process. Your body needs energy for digestion, which is consumed by your body while exercising. This may cause cramps, vomiting, nausea, and stomach pain.

4. Sleeping

Many people have the habit of taking naps after having their meals. However, this should be avoided because it causes the digestive juices to rise, leading to severe heartburn, sleep apnea, and snoring.

5. Drinking Water

Most of us have the urge to drink water in between meals or right after it. This should be avoided as it slows down your digestion and causes acidity and bloating. You can drink water at least half an hour before having a meal or wait an hour after eating it.

6. Avoid Smoking/Alcohol

Smoking and drinking alcohol after eating meals is 10 times more harmful than what it normally is. The nicotine present in cigarettes gets mixed with oxygen and forms a compound with hemoglobin and hampers the supply of blood to your body. It may cause irritable bowel syndrome, which can further cause ulcers.

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7. Drinking Tea/Coffee

Drinking beverages like tea or coffee should be avoided after consuming meals as it causes digestion problems. In addition, drinking tea after meals may make it difficult for the body to absorb iron. You can sip tea one hour after having your mail.

8. Loosening your belt

You might have noticed how people tend to loosen their belts after consuming heavy meals for relaxation. However, you should stop doing this as it hinders your gastric process and leads to other health problems.


Small habits play a significant role in the overall health of your body. Avoid making these mistakes so that your body can digest your food efficiently and prevent the risks of many diseases.