Study Finds Dietary Changes Help Starve Colon Cancer Tumors



Study Finds Dietary Changes Help Starve Colon Cancer Tumors

Colon cancer refers to the type of cancer that begins in the large intestine or colon. The colon is the final part of the human digestive tract and cancer occurs when cells in the colon or rectum grow out of control. Although it can happen at any age, colon cancer usually affects older adults. In a recent study, researchers studied the effects of a low protein diet on the growth of colon cancer.

The study was published in the journal Gastroenterology, Study researcher and first author Dr. Sumeet Solanki spoke to a leading medical website and told, “We noticed that feeding human-derived colon cancer cells with low amino acids and then treating them with chemotherapies synergises and helps in killing the cancer cells.”

The researchers carried their investigation in to living mice. They found that mice who were on a low protein diet had less early tumor growth and more cancer cell death.

Dietary Changes Help Starve Colon Cancer Tumors

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“As nutrients in the body are influenced primarily by what we eat and our diet, our research analysis found that feeding a low protein diet to animals created a demand and supply crisis in colon cancer cells which in turn resulted in massive cancer cell death. Therefore , these cancers are metabolically vulnerable, and a low protein diet along with chemotherapy may help in killing cancer cells in these settings as their demand is higher, and on the other hand supply is low,” Dr. Solanki.

Dr. Solanki, also explained that while the study results are promising, a low protein diet is not a long-term solution to treat colon cancer.