Pros And Cons Of Sleeping With Socks On In Winters



Is Sleeping With Socks On Healthy In Winter?

Winter chills can hit you hard, especially when you are sleeping. We all tend to sleep more and enjoy the warmth of our beds in the winter season. You layer yourself with clothes while going out and curl up in a quilt when home. Many even wear socks before sleeping to stay warm but ever wondered if it is healthy and hygienic? Does sleeping with socks on help you sleep better, or does it have side effects? Keep reading to know the benefits and possible side effects of wearing socks while sleeping.

Benefits Of Wearing Socks While Sleeping In Winter

  1. Cold feet can make it harder for you to sleep, as it constricts your blood vessels and lowers your blood circulation. Wearing socks can help improve blood circulation and promote better sleep.
  2. Along with promoting better sleep, wearing socks while sleeping can also heal your cracked heels. Winter season can be harsh, especially for your skin. Therefore, sleeping with socks on is the easiest way to prevent cracked heels.
  3. Wearing socks while sleeping can also cool core body temperature and prevent hot flashes that women face during menopause.
  4. The chances of Raynaud’s attack decrease if you sleep with socks on. Raynaud’s disease is a health condition in which some areas of your body, like fingers and toes, feel numb and turn blue or white due to cold temperature or stress.
  5. Another benefit of wearing socks is that it helps you achieve orgasms while having sex.

Alternatives To Keep Your Feet Warm

Some people may find it difficult to sleep while wearing socks. They can experience difficulty sleeping due to cold feet. You can try the following options to keep your feet warm:

  • Soak your feet in warm water to increase your body temperature before bed. This will help you sleep better.
  • Keep a hot water bag beside you to warm your feet.
  • Cover your feet with a blanket to provide warmth.
  • Keep yourself hydrated to promote blood circulation in your body.
  • You should avoid smoking as the nicotine present in cigarettes can cause your blood arteries to become more constricted and reduce blood flow.

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Side Effects Of Wearing Socks While Sleeping

While sleeping with socks on can reap multiple benefits, there may be some possible side effects as well. There can be a decrease in your blood circulation if you wear tight socks. Furthermore, it may also increase your blood pressure if you wear them for longer due to decreased blood flow. In addition, if you don’t change your socks frequently, it can lead to poor hygiene and may cause skin infections.


Sleep is crucial for overall health, and one may sleep better while wearing socks during winter. It can improve the circulation of blood in your body and promote better sleep. However, you should ensure that your socks are clean, breathable, and too tight. People with open wounds and blood circulation problems should avoid wearing socks while sleeping.