Know How Much Weight Loss In A Month Is Healthy?



How Much Weight Loss In A Month Is Healthy?

If you want fast legs like Virat Kohli or a muscular body like Chris Hemsworth, you must lose weight and keep your body fat below 10 percent. Without a doubt, weight loss is a hot topic among people, and most end up expecting immediate results. However, losing even 10 kg in a month has become a feasible goal. All one has to do is Google the best fat-loss diet, and they are spoiled with the majority of low-calorie drinks and foods that guarantee weight loss. But here’s the thing: people frequently lose weight quickly but are unable to maintain it. Have you ever wondered why? This is because they go too far, and their weight returns when they return to eating.

So let’s look at how weight loss occurs and how much is safe and easy to maintain.

Weight Loss 101

Weight loss is all about breaking old habits and developing new ones. In layman’s terms, weight loss is all about eating clean, exercising regularly, and living a stress-free lifestyle. Besides eating clean, a person should also eat in a calorie deficit and practice portion control.

quick weight loss

The amount of weight you will lose or gain is entirely determined by your metabolism. The reason you’ve gained body fat is also related to your sluggish metabolism. However, a person is advised to follow crash dieting when it comes to rapid weight loss, such as losing 10 kgs a month. Crash dieting is similar to starvation, in which a person is not allowed to eat for the entire day and is only permitted to consume liquids.

Without a doubt, crash dieting works and can even help you lose weight, but it is not a healthy option. Crash dieting depletes our bodies of essential vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, crash dieting slows down your metabolism, and when a person stops eating their daily meal and resumes after a break, the body does not digest, and they frequently suffer from an eating disorder.

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How Much Weight Loss Is Safe?

Weight loss, whether 10 kgs or 5 kgs, is healthy and safe as long as you don’t go too far and follow a crash diet. Weight loss should be achieved by eating healthily and maintaining a calorie deficit. Furthermore, weight loss should occur naturally, without using supplements or performance-enhancing drugs.

If you want to be healthy inside and out, you should aim for no more than a kg per week, or 4kg per month. Moreover, your goal should be to lose 4kgs of fat rather than 4kgs of weight, because losing weight reduces muscle mass, which causes a slow metabolism. Additionally, losing fat is a superior approach because it demonstrates that a person has worked hard, whereas a crash diet only results in weight loss, not fat loss.

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bottom line

You can lose weight but not fat overnight. Fat loss is a long-term process that only occurs when you are consistent with your diet, exercise, and sleep. Furthermore, all fad diets that promise quick weight loss should be avoided because they are harmful to your internal health.

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