Know About Split Webbing Due To Which Rohit Sharma Injured His Hand



Know About Split Webbing Due To Which Rohit Sharma Injured His Hand

During the second One-Day International against Bangladesh, Indian skipper Rohit Sharma injured his finger while taking a catch. Bangladesh opener Anamul Haque edged a delivery from Mohammed Siraj, which went towards the second slip, where the captain was positioned.

In the process of dropping the catch, Sharma damaged his finger. He was immediately observed in pain and then left the field. According to sources, the damage seemed to be a split webbing. After that, Rajat Patidar took over as India’s captain.

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What Is Web Space Splitting?

Web space splitting (particularly between the thumb and index finger) occurs when players dive into the field and their hands collide with the ground, or when they catch a ball awkwardly. This can also entail a joint dislocation. Sometimes they stretch out to catch a ball, and if the catch is not done correctly, they are injured. The region between the index and middle fingers is particularly sensitive. Joint dislocations are frequently part of the injury.

If merely when web space is divided, a general practitioner can handle it, however, for joint dislocations, with or without fractures, a hand expert or hand surgeon is required.

Split webbing has a high recurrence rate because the scar tissue that heals is very thin and sensitive to the same impact forces, and specific taping may be required for several weeks following the injury.

Injuries to the hands and wrists can be extremely frustrating for a player. They are frequently out of the game for weeks while their injury heals. S.

Split webbings have an unfavorable tendency to recur. The scar tissue stays weak, which means that if a ball strikes the same location again, the same thing happens.

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Other Players Who Faced Split Injuries

There are other players who suffered from injuries caused by split webbing. Harshal Patel left RCB because of this injury. Once, Kumar Sangakkara revealed dreadful images of split webbing which he suffered while playing for Surrey in the domestic one-day final at Lord’s.

Washington Sundar had a split webbing on his bowling hand in the IPL 2022.

Morgan’s split web injury required four stitches which left his fans disheartened in IPL 2022.

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