How To Stop Foot Pain Caused Due To Cold Weather



How To Stop Foot Pain Caused Due To Cold Weather

Foot pain in cold weather can be due to many reasons, says Dr Mohd Bilal, Occupational Therapist, Mohd Bilal Clinic, Old Delhi, Along with lifestyle issues, several other factors, like high uric acid accumulation, can contribute to foot pain in winters. This problem should be treated early because if it is delayed, it can lead to complications and even pain in other body parts, including the lower back.

Weak Skeletal Muscles

One of the many causes of foot pain in the winter season is weakness in the skeletal muscles, which varies from age to age. For example, women who have crossed 30 years of age tend to experience more cramps. This is the result of dehydration and salt imbalance in their body. Due to this, muscles are not able to contract properly.

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Uric Acid & Lactic Acid Accumulation

Dr Bilal highlighted that the increase in uric acid could also cause foot pain during the winter season. Since uric acid is less soluble and tends to precipitate out in colder temperatures, it can be one of the reasons for foot pain in the winter. Another cause of foot stiffness and pain in the winter season is lactic acid accumulation.

High Protein In Body

The requirement of protein is 10% of the body weight, but people’s eating habits during the winter season raise it beyond this number. People eat a lot of protein-rich foods like eggs and lentils, which increases the amount of protein in their bodies. As a result of this, people suffer stiffness in their feet.

Bone Spur Formation

In layman’s terms, in this condition, the bone tends to lengthen. Medically, it is the smooth bony outgrowths near joints. These spurs are formed as a hook, where the muscles get stuck and tend to stretch back. This can lead to pain on the sole of your feet, where the arch is formed. Also, heels suffer pain as the toes do not get stretched properly.

Lifestyle Factors

People who smoke and drink are also prone to foot pain in winter. It can also be due to overwork and occupational hazards, which need a doctor’s attention. Besides, if the pain and stiffness come after standing or walking excessively, you must visit your doctor.

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How To Get Relief From Winter-Induced Foot Pain

Dr Bilal mentions some measures to relieve foot pain in the winter season.

Contrast Bath

A contrast bath uses water at different temperatures, namely hot and cold. Some ice cubes are put in water to make it cold. On the other hand, the temperature of the hot water bath is kept at a bearable range. To relieve foot pain, the patient should keep the legs first in the cold water bath and then in the hot water bath. The ratio of the time is maintained at 1:3, implying that the person has to keep the legs in the cold water bath for one minute. After one minute, the legs should be put in the hot water bath for another three minutes. Dr Bilal advised following this for 20 to 25 minutes, starting with cold water and ending with the same.

Foot & Intrinsic Muscle Exercises

Dr Bilal added that foot and intrinsic muscle exercises also give great relief to the patient. There is the stretching of the intrinsic muscles, and myofascial release therapy is given, after which the patient is much relieved from the foot pain.

When To See A Doctor?

In the morning, after you wake up, if you cannot keep your foot on the floor, and if it involves pain, you should see a doctor. When this problem is ignored, the spur’s formation can increase, which may take more time to treat. In severe cases, laser therapy is done to remove the spurs. As such, there is no need for surgery, but the treatment time and procedure increase.

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