How to prevent puffy eyes



There are many reasons for swollen eyes, but if we know those reasons and save our eyes from them, then you can easily prevent swelling in the eyes. There are many such things around us which can cause problems like infections and allergies etc., due to which there is swelling in the eyes. Let us tell you many such things today, with the help of which you can easily stop the swelling in your eyes –

1- Whenever you come out, protect your eyes from any kind of smoke, if the smoke goes into your eyes then your eyes may get swollen.

2 – Never work continuously on TV, mobile and computer etc. or if you feel pain in your eyes while working, then do not work, leave work immediately and lie down for a while with your eyes closed. go If you do not do this then there may be a problem of swelling in the eyes.

3- Never cry for a long time, save as much as you can, crying too much also causes swelling in your eyes.

4- Never consume alcohol before sleeping at night, due to excessive consumption, the amount of alcohol increases and there may be a problem of swelling in your eyes.

5- If your eyes are itching, then never rub your eyes, rubbing and rubbing too much can cause swelling in your eyes. If the itching is getting too much, then compress it with ice or cold water, doing this will give relief.

6 – Keep plenty of vitamins in your food and do not eat salt in excess, eating too much salt increases the amount of sodium in your body, due to which there can be a problem of swelling in your eyes.

7 – There are many people who are allergic to something or the other, some may be allergic to strong aroma, any kind of smoke etc. Such things should always be avoided, if you are not able to avoid it, then you may have problems with allergies, due to which there may be a problem of swelling in your eyes.