How to do Vrikshasana Yoga and what are its benefits?



Vrikshasana Yoga By doing regular exercise the balance of the body gets corrected and that is why it is called Tree Pose are also called. Nowadays, due to not sitting properly or standing with support or leaning forward, people are getting the formation related to the spine. By doing Vrikshasana yoga, we can correct the posture of our body and can also get rid of the problem related to the spine.Vrikshasana yoga should be done to balance the body and increase stamina. How to do Vrikshasana yoga, what are its benefits and precautions are given below.


How to do Vrikshasana Yoga and what are its benefits?

How to do Vrikshasana Yoga and what are its benefits?

The method of doing Vrikshasana yoga is as follows:

  1. First of all, lay a yoga mat or mat on a flat and clean place.
  2. Now stand on this in a careful posture.
  3. Keep both the legs straight and keep them connected to each other and keep both the hands straight near the thigh.
  4. Slowly bend the right knee and place it on the left thigh. Heel should be up and toes should be towards the ground.
  5. In the beginning, you can also take the help of your hands for this.
  6. Keep your left foot firmly on the ground.
  7. Now after taking a long deep breath, raise both the hands up and keep the hands folded in the posture of Namaskar. You can do Namaskar with both hands in front of the chest or you can do Namaskar with both the palms directly above the head.
  8. Keep the neck straight and keep your eyes straight on an object or point in front of you.
  9. Keep the balance of the body and keep the speed of breathing normal.
  10. Stay in this posture as much as you can.
  11. Now while exhaling slowly, bring both the hands down.
  12. Now bring the right leg on the ground as well.
  13. Stand straight in a careful posture.
  14. Now repeat the same process with the left leg.


What are the benefits of Vrikshasana Yoga? Health benefits of Vrikshasana Yoga

The benefits of regular practice of Vrikshasana yoga are:

  1. The balance of the body remains good.
  2. The spine is strong.
  3. Leg muscles get stronger.
  4. The problem of flat feet is solved.
  5. Concentration increases.
  6. Sciatica is beneficial for the patient.

What are the precautions to be taken in Vrikshasana Yoga?

  1. While doing Vrikshasana yoga, your feet should be kept properly on the thigh. Laying on the back of the foot can put pressure on the knees.
  2. You should do Vrikshasana yoga on an empty stomach. If you want to do it after eating food, then do it after 2 hours of eating.
  3. Patients with high blood pressure should not do Namaskar by raising their hands for a long time.
  4. Patients suffering from lack of sleep or migraine should not do this asana.
  5. In the beginning, do this yoga under the supervision of a yoga expert and with the help of a wall.
  6. If you have any problem related to knees, spine or waist, then do this asana only after asking your doctor.
  7. Do it for half a minute in the beginning and do yoga for 1 minute with practice. Do yoga for one minute with one leg for 8 to 10 minutes as much as you can.

In this way, to maintain physical and mental balance, you must do Vrikshasana yoga.