Health Conditions That Cause Joint Pain



Health Conditions That Cause Joint Pain Other Than Arthritis

Pain in the joints can be discomforting and significantly affect one’s life. The common tendency following joint pain is believed that it is caused due to arthritis. It is true that arthritis can be one of the reasons your joints are inflamed. However, Several other health conditions can also lead to inflammation and pain in your joints. Here are five of them.


Hypothyroidism is a serious health condition that affects thousands of people. It occurs due to the disturbance of thyroid hormone in the body. The thyroid gland becomes less active and does not produce enough thyroid hormone. In a previous interaction with the OnlyMyHealth team, Dr Varsha Tyagi, Consultant and Endocrinologist at Ivory Hospital, Greater Noidastated that hypothyroidism could lead to many problems like infertility, obesity, and even joint pain.


Lupus is a disorder in which the immune system attacks the body’s own healthy tissues and cells. Due to this, the body gets into a vulnerable state and the risk of infections and other problems increases. As a result of persistent inflammation in the body, you can suffer from problems in the kidneys, lungs, and brain, along with joint pain and inflammation.

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bone cancer

As the name suggests, bone cancer is the type of cancer that affects any part of the bone. There are two types of bone cancer, namely primary and secondary. Primary bone cancer is more serious but not very common, occurring in bones deprived of cells. While secondary bone cancers may occur due to metastasis. In a separate interaction with OnlyMyHealth, Dr Bhuvan Chugh, Consultant – Medical Oncology, Cancer Care, Max Hospital, Gurugram, stated that the symptoms of this type of cancer are in the form of pain and body weakness. Along with pain in the bones, this condition causes fatigue, weight loss, and bone weakness.

avascular necrosis

While talking to OnlyMyHealth, Dr Sachin Bhosle, Senior Consultant, Orthopedic Surgery, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, explained avascular necrosis as a condition that occurs when blood is no longer available for bone formation. Because the blood vessels in the hip joint are tiny and have hairpin bends, they readily get blocked, and the bone gradually dries out and dies. The joints resulting from these dead bones get destroyed, resulting in arthritis, which is extremely painful and causes stiff joints.

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Synovitis And Injury

Other than the above-mentioned health conditions, your joint can also feel pain due to a condition called synovitis of joints. Dr. Lingaraju AP, Sr. Orthopedic surgeon at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Bangalore, explains that when the connective tissue inside the joint capsule, called synovium, swells or gets inflamed, you suffer from synovitis of joints. Not only this but acute injury due to an accident can also lead to pain in your joints.


Untreated joint pain can lead to long-term complications. If you suffer from any acute or chronic pain in your joints, immediately seek a doctor’s attention for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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