Gym Wear Trends For 2023: 5 Must-Have Fitness Essentials



Gym Wear Trends For 2023: 5 Must-Have Fitness Essentials

Over the years, gyms have transformed from a place of making gains to gaining Instagram followers. Hanging out with friends, eating at gym cafes, and clicking cool photos has become the new norm for gym goers. Gyms now even have designated posing rooms, and with this changing tradition, gym goers’ clothing choices have also changed. Tracksuits have given way to dri-fit clothing, and if you’re still wearing your sports shoes to the gym, it’s time to upgrade your athleisure wardrobe and take it to the next level. Here’s how even you can plan your gym outfits to stand out.

Dressing According To Occasion

It’s worth noting that gym goers plan their outfits based on their gym day, for example, if it’s a leg day, they’ll wear shorts or compression pants, and if it’s an arm day, they’ll wear drop-cut tops. So, the next time you see an Instagram story of your favorite athlete wearing an oversized hoodie with shorts and flat shoes, you can easily guess what they are training, most likely legs or deadlift day.

Can’t wait to get your sweat on? Here are some key pieces of athleisure clothing that are expected to be trending in 2023.

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Pump Cover

Pump covers aka oversized clothes have been all over social media and BTS members are often spotted wearing pump covers in gyms. They have been trending because firstly, they make you look small and give you the motivation to train hard. Secondly, it looks good on every body type. The best thing about pump covers is that they are very convenient and they complement every situation.

5XL T-shirts

Back in the day, wearing baggy clothes was associated with old-school dressing, but now it seems fashion has taken a U-turn. 5XL T-shirts are now worn by gym goers to hide their gym gains. They look quite badass when paired with cargo pants.

tank top vest

The tank top vest is ideal for arm day at the gym. From Dwayne Johnson to Wonho, fitness nuts can’t get enough of tank tops. The best thing about wearing tank tops to the gym is that they are durable and do not bind your arms in any way, allowing you to move and bend them freely.

Compression Shorts

Compression shorts offer unique benefits for runners. Compression shorts are recommended for leg days because they are comfortable and improve performance. Some athletes believe that compression shorts help to reduce injury risk, stabilize joints, and speed up recovery after a workout.

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flat shoes

Just like running has been replaced by HIIT workouts for fat loss, sports shoes designed for athletes are no longer seen in gyms. Flat shoes are now preferred by gymgoers because they allow them to find their full range of motion and keep them from bending forward while performing Olympic lifts.

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