From Pasta to White Rice, 5 Foods You Don’t Have to Skip for Weight Loss



From Pasta to White Rice, 5 Foods You Don't Have to Skip for Weight Loss

Anyone who has tried to lose weight will be familiar with these six frustrating words: You must forego your favorite foods. The rise of low calorie diets and detox smoothies have made the weight loss game difficult to achieve. In reality, weight loss is not that complicated; all you need to do is to maintain a calorie deficit. A person can achieve a deficit by eating less or burning them off through exercise. However, many people confuse eating less with not eating at all. So, in addition to fruits and grilled chicken breast, here are five foods you don’t have to avoid if you want to lose weight.


Pasta is a simple form of carbohydrate, and it is often advised to limit this type of food consumption when trying to lose weight. However, pasta, particularly semolina pasta, is a distinct, refined grain because its protein structure is digested more slowly, providing steady energy to the body rather than a blood sugar spike. The only thing to keep in mind is to avoid oversized bowls of pasta topped with sausage, cheese, or other fatty toppings. To make it weight loss friendly, you can combine an appropriate serving of pasta, typically two ounces, with healthy fats, vegetables, and a little lean protein.


The rise of veganism has pushed milk out of the spotlight. Furthermore, there is a widespread belief among fitness enthusiasts that milk is unhealthy and causes bloating. In reality, milk contains 10 times the amount of vitamins as multivitamin pills. However, if you are lactose intolerant, you should avoid it. Otherwise, milk should be included in your pre-bedtime routine because it contains casein, a type of protein that aids in recovery and muscle growth.

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3 Chicken Burgers

When we hear the word burger, we immediately think of junk that will make us go fat. A fried burger will undoubtedly make you fat, but a grilled burger with boiled or roasted chicken can make a great fulfilling meal. Whatever your goal is, weight loss or gain, a person can enjoy a chicken burger guilt-free because it is a perfect combination of healthy carbs and protein. The only thing to remember is that if you want to lose weight, avoid toppings; if you want to gain weight, add whatever you want to your burger.

4 bananas

A medium banana contains approximately 150 calories. Weight gain, on the other hand, occurs only when your daily calorie intake is exceeded, and even if you eat three bananas a day, you will barely reach the 500 mark. Furthermore, bananas are high in fiber and healthy carbs, which may help you feel fuller for longer. So, if you eat three bananas, you will be satisfied for the next three hours.

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5 White Rice

White rice is one of the most controversial foods among dieticians and diet enthusiasts. It is commonly stated that white rice is high in simple carbs, which can cause weight gain. On the other hand, white rice is quickly digested in the body and does not stay in your system for days. Furthermore, white rice contains the same calories, nutrients, and minerals as brown rice. So, if you’ve been avoiding white rice, eat it, but make sure to pair it with some vegetables.

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