Food Fads to Avoid for a Healthier New Year



5 Food Fads To Avoid For A Healthier 2023

This time of year, you’ll be bombarded with fad diets that promise to be the best way to lose weight, deliver quick results, and rid your body of all harmful substances. First of all, it’s important to understand that rapid weight reduction is often not the healthiest choice. In a body that has too much fat, slow fat loss is often more sustainable and better preserves lean tissue. If you severely undernourish your body, it might be tough to avoid malnourishment.

The variety of ‘quick fixes’ and ‘wonder fad'” might appear alluring and come with promises of speedy weight reduction, but regrettably, any promise of quick weight loss is a warning sign since they are mostly unrealistic and unsustainable.

In a nutshell, there is no quick fix for losing weight. Several popular diet fads may be more harmful than helpful. Scroll down as Jinal Patel, Dietitian at Apollo Spectra Mumbai shares some popular diet fads that must be avoided.

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There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to dieting.

It is absurd to think that there is a single diet that will work for everyone. It’s crucial to examine your body fat percentage while deciding which dietary plan could be best for you. If you are very slim, you may require more meals high in energy. Similarly, you might want to think about limiting your meals if your body fat is high. Each person is unique, having a different medical background and a different set of hereditary risks. It is best to include negative calorie foods in your diet.

Food fads to avoid

Crash dieting is healthy

Avoid adhering to these bizarre diet fads on social media. Restrictive diets may look promising but they are dangerous and can cause ill-effects. Your body needs all types of food including sweet, sour, or bitter, but everything in moderation. You may become weak and susceptible to sickness if you follow these diet fads. Click here to read side effects of crash dieting.

Do not completely give up on food

There is just a good or terrible diet; There is no such thing as good or bad food! The health benefits of the other 100 healthy food items you had that week are not negated if you eat one unhealthy dish. What you continuously do will be reflected in your body. Every item has a place in a balanced diet. Aim to include foods rather than limiting them. Eating as much diversity as you can to ensure you’re getting a wide array of nutrients is a healthy goal.

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Food fads

Influencer’s diet tips are trustworthy

Consult a dietician instead of following an influencer’s diet tips. Nothing is more enraging than following a new, self-proclaimed expert with no credentials advise the general public on what to eat. Dieticians and nutritionists have acquired their degrees after years of hard work and study. Only dietitians who possess the necessary credentials are allowed to use the title “dietitian,” as it is a protected term.

Starting with a plant-based diet is the first step. Better health can be achieved by eating a diet high in fruits, vegetables, wholegrain carbs, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Maintain variety, and keep it vibrant! The healthy recommendations do not vary all that much when trends come and go. Drink enough water, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, include protein in each meal, choose wholegrain carbs more frequently than processed grains, and adjust your consumption to your activity levels.

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