Expert-Verified Tips to Boost Your Immunity This Winter



Expert-Verified Tips to Boost Your Immunity This Winter

Winters are here and so are the chills! The crystalline joy brings along its fair share of sickness and flu. To enjoy the season to the fullest, adding on some immunity boosters to your daily diet is a must. The right intakes of fulfilling nutrients, carbohydrates and healthy fat can do wonders to ward off the infections. In a nutshell, taking the right diet during winters can help stay away from winter ailments. In this article, Ms. Arpita Doshi, Founder of Nutrition Dynamic Foodsshares immunity-boosting tips for the cold season.

How to boost immunity in the winter season?

Here’s a list of tips for you to incorporate into your regime:

Start your mornings with a warm cup of green tea– While us Indians are fond of drinking milk tea especially during winters to fight cold, it is not helpful for your health. Have green tea first thing in the morning to strengthen your immunity. Green tea consists of antioxidants that prevent cardiovascular diseases and is loaded with epigallocatechin gallate (EGCS) that acts as a splendid immunity booster.

Consume root vegetables– Add root vegetables such as sweet potatoes, beetroots, carrots and yams to your diet. They are rich in carotenoids which help boost immunity and prevent illness. Besides, have fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables to get winter-essential vitamins & minerals.

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Tips to Boost Your Immunity in Winters

Add millets to your diet– Including millets like foxtales, ragi and bajra in your diet meals is a go-to for plenty of health and heart freaks due to its ability to protect against cellular damage, and its vitamin and nutrient rich contents.

sleep properlyAdequate rest is very important for the body to activate its defense system. Make sure to get 6-8 hours of sleep every night. This helps in promoting good blood flow and hype immunity, while keeping you on your toes all day.

Soak up some morning sunshineVitamin D is essential and its abstinence can cause several diseases. A healthy dose of Vitamin D is an everyday essential during the winters. The best way is to soak up some morning sun. Besides, you can also have vitamin D supplements.

Have turmeric milk daily- Drink a warm glass of turmeric milk also known as golden milk to reduce inflammation, promote good sleep and boost immunity. This works best when consumed before bed time.

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Tips to Boost Your Immunity

Consume curd- Gorge on homemade curd instead of buttermilk. Curd is loaded with antibiotics, antioxidants and has an innate warmth that helps beat the chills. Do not consume refrigerated curd though, it might trigger cough and cold.

Be physically active– Including a regular physical fitness regime helps your body familiarize with its natural immunity booster abilities which will help ward off viruses effectively.


Winters and sickness go hand in hand due to compromised immunity. If you do not wish to fall sick this season and enjoy the cold weather to the fullest, make sure you follow all these tips and cover yourself in winter gears to ward off potential winter illnesses.

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