Exercises Making Your Lower Back Hurt



Struggling With Lower Back Pain?  5 Exercises Making Your Back Hurt

Sports and injuries always go hand in hand. There isn’t a single person who works out and hasn’t been injured. When it comes to injuries, the most common is a lower back injury. Whatever exercise you do, your lower back is always worked, and this overtraining causes this pain. Furthermore, the back comprises half of our upper body and aids in various other daily functions, such as household chores and sleeping. As a result, you must give the largest muscle group in your upper body the needed rest and avoid exercises that put a strain on your lower back. So, here are five exercises that may be causing your back pain.

1 Deadlift

Without a doubt, the deadlift is one of the best exercises for increasing strength and muscle mass, but it has a higher injury-to-reward ratio. A deadlift is an exercise in which you pull a weight off the ground. It appears simple, but it has a form that must be maintained while lifting. However, many people just focus on moving the weight from point A to point B, compromising form, which is the major reason people end up hurting their lower back. Moreover, people ego lift to show off their ability to lift the heaviest, and when you lift heavy suddenly, it shocks your muscles, causing them to deplete at times. So, if you want to deadlift, don’t compromise with form and start with low weights.

Pro Tip

The deadlift is a powerlifting exercise that requires a great deal of strength. Beginners should avoid it, as should those on a calorie deficit, as this may result in fainting.

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2 Hyperextension

Hyperextension is the exercise that targets your spine, glutes, and especially your lower back. What people do wrong when performing this exercise is either they swing their bodies too much or perform it with weights. Injury is a likely outcome regardless of which category you fall into. So, if you want to perform, start with slow reps and no weight for a few weeks, then gradually increase the weight.

3 Leg Press

The leg press is one of the easiest exercises to perform, which is why it is so dangerous. Even a beginner can lift twice his body weight with this exercise. The issue here is that as the weight on the leg press machine increases, so does the load on our lower back. Going heavy on the leg press, regardless of how many years of lifting experience you have, guarantees that you will be unable to walk the next day. Furthermore, leg press is a leg-targeting exercise, and squats are the best exercise for growing your lower body.

4 squats

When it comes to exercises, squats are the king of exercises because they produce the most muscle and human growth hormone. Despite their numerous benefits, squats can be harmful to your lower back if you lack mobility in your lower body. Furthermore, people with flat feet and low glute strength can also harm their lower back. So first, ensure you have enough mobility and learn the fundamentals before attempting this exercise.

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5 Military Press

Military press is one of the best exercises for developing your upper body, particularly your shoulders, but it can be extremely harmful to your lower back. A military press is performed while standing, and when a person moves the weight from A to B, they frequently arch their lower back, which is where the pain begins. The arching of your back indicates that you are lifting more than your capacity, so you must lower the weight on the bar or make lower back pain a part of your lifestyle.

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