Easy Physical Activities For People With Diabetes



Diabetes: 7 Easy Physical Activities You Can Do To Manage It

If you have diabetes, you can manage the blood sugar levels in your body by exercising regularly. Exercising will help you maintain your weight, reduce your chances of developing heart disease and stroke and improve the overall health of your body. Moreover, it also helps in preventing diabetes in those people who have prediabetes. You are at greater risk if you have a sedentary lifestyle; therefore, exercise is necessary. Prolonged sitting can increase the chances of having diabetes as it changes the metabolism of your body and affects insulin resistance. Read this article to learn seven exercises that you can practice to manage your diabetic health condition.

7 Easy Physical Activities You Should Try To Manage Blood Sugar Levels

There are many exercises that can help you maintain the blood sugar levels in your body. Keep reading to learn seven exercises that can help.


Walking is the easiest and an effective physical activity that can help you to control your blood sugar levels. You can walk on your terrace or go for a brisk walk in your locality.


There are various benefits of yoga, which include managing your blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it helps lower the blood pressure and cholesterol levels of your body and helps improve the quality of your sleep.


Cycling is an effective way to manage your health if you have diabetes. It also lowers the chances of arthritis which is higher in people with diabetes. If you don’t want to go outside, you can opt for a stationary bicycle. It will help you to lose weight, boost stamina and strengthen your lower body muscles.

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weight training

Weight training or weight lifting exercises are beneficial in burning calories and building muscle mass. You can perform such exercises at home using free weights or water bottles.


Another exercise that can be added to this list is dancing. This fun-to-do activity is an aerobic exercise that can help you burn fat and burn your calories. You can choose dance forms like Zumba, salsa, jazz, etc., to attain the desired results.


Pilates has many advantages, which include building core strength, improving balance in your body and may help manage blood sugar levels.

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Yes, gardening is an effective physical activity for people with diabetes. It helps you to absorb vitamin D and involves using your muscles.


You don’t have to devote your time to the gym or use it as an excuse to avoid any form of physical activity. You can start by brisk walking and gradually increase its time. There will be changes in your health which may take some time to notice; however, some changes can be witnessed right away. For instance, the blood sugar levels before and after a walk are different. Therefore, it is always better to start with an activity that you enjoy doing. Remember to stay hydrated while engaging in such physical activities. If you face any complications, visit your doctor and take the necessary measures.