Difference Between White Eggs and Brown Eggs



White Eggs Or Brown Eggs: Which Is Better

Eggs are a widely consumed food, especially among athletes and bodybuilders, due to their multiple health benefits. It is nutrient-rich and provides a good amount of protein. There are mainly two types of eggs available in the market, brown and white. While brown eggs are considered to be more beneficial than white eggs, many prefer white eggs because they are more flavorful. Let us understand what difference the color makes and are brown eggs more beneficial than white eggs.

What Causes Difference In The Color Of The Eggs?

The color of the eggs is dependent upon the breed of the chicken. The pigments produced by hens determine the color of eggshells. The primary pigment in brown eggs is protoporphyrin IX, made from the compound heme, which gives a red color to the blood.

There can also be a color difference between the same breeds due to genetic differences among hens. Furthermore, hens laying brown eggs can also produce eggs of lighter color as they age. Find out the differences between brown eggs and white eggs by reading on.

Which Is Healthier?

Most of us associate brown with being a healthier option, be it brown rice, brown bread or brown sugar. However, when it comes to eggs, there is not much nutritional difference due to color, size or grade. Moreover, you would have noticed that brown eggs are more expensive than white eggs. This is because the hen laying brown eggs are larger and require more food, which increases the cost. Also, brown eggs are larger, and their yolk is darker than the white ones.

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health benefits of eggs

Eggs are highly nutritious as they contain many vitamins, zinc, folate, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, healthy fats, phosphorus and calcium. This results in multiple benefits and helps the person to stay healthy.

  • Eggs Promote Good Cholesterol

Eggs promote high-density lipoprotein, the good cholesterol that aids in reducing heart disease.

  • Maintains Good Eye Health

Eating eggs is beneficial for your eyes due to the presence of vitamin A.

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Choline present in eggs is vital for brain development. It aids in regulating mood and memory. Choline is important for brain development of the body during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Eating eggs will help your body to improve muscle health and decrease malnutrition since they are a rich source of protein.


You can choose to eat any kind of egg irrespective of their color as both have similar nutritional value. However, do not consume eggs in large amounts, especially with butter, burgers or cheesy omelette, as it may cause heart problems. If you are suffering from health problems like diabetes, cancer or any heart disease, it is best to consult your doctor before adding eggs to your diet.