Debunking Top 5 Weight Loss Myths



From Skipping Meals to Eating Before Sunset: Debunking the Top 5 Weight Loss Myths

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight or looked up popular diets on the internet, you’ll know that all of the best weight loss diets emphasize eating high protein and low carbs. Carbs are thought to be bad for the human body and cause obesity if you consume in excess. However, in order to lose weight, a person must maintain a calorie deficit and not stop eating carbs or any other macronutrients. Similarly, there are numerous myths in the fitness industry. So, if you’re having trouble losing weight, chances are you’re a victim of one of these five myths.

1 Starving & Skipping Meals

It is a complete myth that fasting and skipping meals will help you lose weight faster. Regardless of what fad diets claim, starving and skipping meals is not a long-term weight-loss strategy. However, once you return to normal eating, you tend to eat more of everything that comes your way. As a result, there is a calorie surplus, which results in weight gain. The best is to eat at regular intervals; this will not only keep you satiated for longer periods of time but will also help you fight cravings.

2 Supplements Help In Weight Loss

Supplements are designed for people who go the extra mile and work out six days a week. Supplements are not magic pills; they simply improve performance and recovery. Powdered supplements, shakes, and liquid fillers are believed to help people lose weight. It’s a myth because supplements only work if you live a healthy lifestyle that includes proper diet, exercise, and sleep. So, whatever your goal is, changing your lifestyle is the first step towards transformation.

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Protein Is Key

When it comes to losing weight, all of your macro and micronutrients must be considered. Without a doubt, protein is one of the most important macronutrients because it keeps you fuller for longer while also aiding in recovery. However, protein should not be your primary focus because excessive protein consumption can cause body dryness and mineral mismatches. Instead, consume the majority of your protein at breakfast and around your workout.

4 Don’t Eat Post Sunset

Weight loss is all about consistency and eating the same foods at the same time, which is why fitness advocates advise people not to eat after sunset because it will make them fat. This is not true, because a person only gains weight when there is a calorie surplus. However, if you are already in a calorie deficit, eating anything after sunset will not harm you. Instead, eating three hours before bedtime can help you get a good night’s sleep, aiding in weight loss and recovery.

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5 Detox For Weight Loss

When we return from vacation or after a period of binging, the first thing that comes to mind is detox juices. Why detox? Because it is claimed that detoxing removes toxins and aids in weight loss. This is false because when you stop consuming detox liquids and resume your normal eating habits, you will most likely gain those kilos back. A one-day detox may provide your organs with much-needed rest, which is beneficial. However, it will not result in body fat loss, which we aim for.

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