Collagen Supplements Myths Facts



Busting Myths Associated With Collagen Supplements

Collagen has received much attention in recent years, notably in the beauty and health industry. With a rising focus on maintaining physical and mental well-being, several health trends are on the rise, and because collagen offers numerous benefits, its demand is increasing by the day. Consumers worldwide are eager to explore collagen products as awareness of the benefits grows.

Collagen is the most found protein in the body; it is a vital component of the body’s tissue and is rapidly gaining popularity. Despite praise from beauty and health influencers, there is still a lot of confusion with regard to these supplements. So, before you invest in them, read ahead to bust a few myths surrounding collagen supplements. Ruchi Sharma, Online Nutrition Coach at Chicnutrix helps burst a few myths associated with collagen supplements.

Myth #1: Collagen doesn’t get absorbed by the body.

This is not true! Your body further breaks down the collagen that you eat into amino acids, which are absorbed. Studies show that collagen’s essential peptides are immersed in the digestive system and then delivered to specific tissues, such as the skin.

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Myth #2: Collagen and Collagen Peptides are the same thing

While collagen is a protein that is found in all animals, collagen peptides are broken-down pieces of collagen that our bodies can easily and directly absorb. Collagen peptides are much more accessible to the body.

Myth #3: Collagen supplements are only effective when consumed over a certain age

Collagen supplements myths facts

False! Despite the widespread belief that collagen targets an older age group and demographic, studies have proven that we begin to lose collagen by 25. Hence, it is recommended to start consuming supplements by the age of 25-30 to prevent hair loss and skin problems that come with age.

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Myth #4: It will work better if I take a more significant dose of collagen

Only a certain amount of collagen, or any vitamin, can be absorbed by your body at once. So, taking a larger dose will not make the supplements work faster or better. Simply taking a higher amount means the body can only partially digest it.

Myth #5: I already have a good protein intake. Since collagen is a protein, I don’t need to take collagen supplements.

While it is true that collagen is also a protein, its effects are not the same as those of regular protein. Protein that we consume daily in our diets as collagen has a different amino acid profile than dietary protein supplements. These amino acids have properties that aid in the health of skin, hair and nails, it also has a significant role in the connective tissues such as bones, ligaments, tendons, and the skeletal muscles.

Whey Protein amino acids on the other hand are highly functional components for muscle recovery & retention. Hence, the amino acid profiles of Whey Protein and Collagen are the drivers of their functional benefits.

Collagen is widely used in the beauty and cosmetics industry because of its skin, hair, nail, and joint-strengthening properties. This increased use of collagen can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing. Hence, it is essential to find the facts and definitive benefits of collagen, which are plentiful!