Chris Hemsworth’s Thor Diet & Workout Plan: All You Need To Know



Chris Hemsworth's Thor Diet & Workout Plan: All You Need To Know

To be an ace actor and Marvel superhero requires you to be at your fittest self all the time and there’s no better example than Chris Hemsworth. Known for packing on muscles worthy of the gods, Chris Hemsworth’s regime screams discipline. The MCU star recently shared the secret behind how he went from being “super buffed” to a “lean beast.” Chris revealed that his body transformation for Thor was a “unique blend of several martial arts disciplines and moves inspired by all the great 80s action heroes.”

Wondering how the actor shed pounds and built strength every time, that too with ease? Here’s a breakdown of Thor’s diet and workout regimen that helped him transform physically. So let’s dive in.

What is Thor’s diet?

Chris’s friend and personal trainer Luke Zocchi created a customized diet plan for the Aussie actor that relied on the 80/20 principle. Being a “naturally taller, skinnier guy”, the God of Thunder had to consume 4500 calories per day to put on muscle. Hemsworth’s trainer said that he needed to consume six to eight meals per day and eat every two hours, Koimoi reported.

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Since the ‘Thor diet’ was based on the 80/20 principle, it meant that the 39 year old used to eat clean 80 percent of the time and for the remaining 20 percent he was allowed to cheat. “You must eat a meal that includes some chocolate and ice cream to maintain your sanity,” Zocchi added.

Food Consumed

Hemsworth used to eat a lot of chicken breast, eggs, steak, fish, tuna, avocado, cottage cheese for his protein and brown rice for carbs. “It’s six meals a day of clean proteins and vegetables, which can get repetitive, but it works time and time again,” Leicester Mercury reported.

Thor’s Devil Workout

Zocchi created a “devil workout” that was a mix of strength and cardio. The actor had to perform six exercises for six sets and six reps in less than an hour. The exercises include:

1. Deadlift to Overhead Triceps Extension w/ EZ Curl Bar
2. Feet-Elevated TRX Row
3. Kettlebell Reverse Lunge w/ Overhead Press
4. Ring Chin ups
5. Squat on BOSU Ball w/ Resistance Band Flye
6. Rotational (Around the World) Med Ball Slams

For cardio, the actor would do a bunch of sprints on the bike or treadmill. “I bring in a cardio aspect into my weight training,” Hemsworth stated in an interview with Men’s Health. He further stated, “I find, (this) provides you with a more steady boost in heart rate and fat-burning ability,” according to To install Daily Star UK.

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Centre, by Chris Hemsworth

Chris and Zoochi co-founded Centr, a fitness app. Centr contains all of the protein and workout details that went into the actor’s transformation from a dad bod to a god bod. The best part about this app is that it contains all of the meals, workout routines, guidance, and tips from Hemsworth’s team and Chris Hemsworth himself.

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