Cardio Or Weight Training Which Is Best For Weight Loss



Cardio Or Weight Training: Which One Should Come First?

When attempting to lose weight, it is commonly advised to work out twice a day. However, if you’ve ever been to a gym, you’ll be familiar with the two main types of exercises you’ll need to do: cardio and weight training. Most people prefer cardio as they believe it helps them burn the most calories. While some people only lift weights believing cardio exhausts them unnecessarily. So, if you’re wondering which of the two exercises to do first to get a faster result, here’s everything you need to know.

Know Your Goal

It is important to have a clear goal in mind when choosing between cardio and weights to start your workouts with. Do you want to gain muscle or lose weight? Or perhaps you want to increase your endurance or gain muscle mass.

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Case 1: Cardio Before Weight Training

If you want to improve your endurance, you should do cardio before weight training. Cardio is well-known for its ability to burn calories. It will help you burn more calories in 30 minutes compared to a lifting session of the same duration. With this in mind, if your goal is to lose weight, you should start with steady-state cardio to get into the heart rate zone required for fat-burning. You can then progress to weight lifting, which will cause an “afterburn”, which will help you burn calories even after you’ve finished exercising.

Case 2: Cardio After Weight Training

Lifting weights first is recommended if your main goal is to gain muscle, increase strength, or build an attractive body. Performing cardio first exhausts your body, leaving you with no energy to lift weights. On the other hand, performing clean reps first when you are fresh allows you to train until failure and perform muscle hypotrophy, which aids in quality muscle gain.

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Combining Both Cardio & Weights

Regardless of your fitness goals, both cardio and weight training are essential for building a healthy body. From a health standpoint, cardio improves the function of your heart and lungs both during exercise and at rest. Furthermore, as your heart rate rises, your resting heart rate falls, relieving stress on your most vital muscle.

Weight training is ideal for boys and girls looking to get fit. Contrary to popular belief, weights help with improved body posture and immunity. However, the benefits of weight training extend beyond physical benefits. Lifting weights makes you mentally strong; Even if you don’t feel like doing the last rep, your mind tells you that you can. Last but not the least, it helps lower cortisol levels and allows you to sleep like a baby.


While staying physically active and exercising on a regular basis can improve your overall health, overdoing it can have a negative impact on your body. Over-exercising or over-training can be harmful in a variety of ways, including making you tired and fatigued all the time, decreasing your performance levels, and increasing your risk of injury. So make it a point to have rest days in between, and on those days, your goal should be to eat right and sleep as much as possible.

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