Best & Worst Days to Start Dieting



Weight Loss: Best & Worst Days To Start Dieting

Weight loss is one of the most common concerns in today’s society. This concern frequently leads to a desire to make conscious changes to our diet and avoid eating junk food. However, one of the most difficult aspects for individuals is determining when to begin dieting. So, if you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to get fit, here are some of the best and worst days to start a new diet.

Why Timing Matters?

How many times have you started a new diet only to abandon it after a week or so? The main reason why people are unable to stick to their diet is that they frequently get caught between partying and sticking to their diet. Many times, we start the day well only to ruin it by the end of the day due to unforeseen outing plans. Weight loss, on the other hand, is all about consistency; you must eat the same foods over and over for at least three months to see noticeable results. Having said that, starting your diet around New Year’s is a bad idea as all the plans around that time won’t let you stick to your diet.

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Best & Worst Days To Diet:

Worst Days: New Years

Without a doubt, New Year’s inspires us to start a new diet and lose those extra pounds. But in reality, you’re just setting yourself up for more failure. If it hasn’t worked in the past, why should this New Year’s resolution be any different? However, New Year’s comes with plans for parties and outings, making it difficult to stick to a diet.

Worst Days: When You Have Important Events

When you are already preoccupied with something, whether it is physical, personal, or emotional, starting a new diet and sticking to it would be the worst thing you could do. In other words, stressful, hectic circumstances are not the ideal time to put your resolve and perseverance to the test, and there are also practical constraints, such as a lack of time or sleep.

Worst Days: Holiday Season

Many people think about losing weight during the holiday season because they want to fit into their favorite dress. First and foremost, you must be truly motivated because health is what endures through all the ups and downs. It should be your way of life, so going on a diet for a few days makes no sense.

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Best Days: The Day You Decide

Staying fit requires dedication, and if you have committed yourself, that from now onwards you will be eating right and exercising on a regular basis there is nothing better than starting at this point. The only thing to remember is that motivation should not be fleeting because weight loss is a long process that requires patience; Overnight weight loss is just a fad that often destroys your internal health.

Best Days: Any Day During Spring Season

Most health diets labeled as “best” are only best when followed for an extended period of time. One thing that is common in most diets is high protein consumption but eating eggs and chicken in the summer becomes difficult. n the winters we fail to stick to our diet as we often tend to skip the gym. So, it is best to start when the weather is pleasant like spring.

Best Days: After Vacation

It’s likely that after going all out on your diet while on vacation, you feel inspired to get back on track. However, when we diet after a long bingeing season, we have fewer cravings and a desire to eat out.

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