Benefits Of Ice Cream Post Tooth Extraction



Why Is Ice Cream Helpful Post Tooth Extraction, Expert Explains

People usually extract teeth due to a lack of sufficient space between the teeth, while in other cases, the cause of tooth extraction is tooth decay, crowded teeth or a fractured tooth. Eating ice cream after tooth extraction can be beneficial as it acts as a cold compress. This is the time when dentists generally advise patients to eat ice cream, especially 30 minutes after the procedure. It has complications, but they can be avoided with proper care and management, he said. dr. Maahesh Kambley, BDS, PGDCRM,

Benefits Of Ice Cream Post Tooth Extraction

Pain is the most common problem followed after tooth extraction but can be easily managed in most cases. Ice cream is a creamy food that does not require chewing and hence has a shallow risk of damaging the affected site.

Dr Kambley highlighted ice cream’s benefits and said it fastens the healing process. He added that it is important to eat ice cream from the affected side as it hits the right area compared to cold compresses used externally over the cheek. However, he also warned that one should not opt ​​for cold drinks or straw fluids for this effect.

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How Is Ice Cream Effective?

Dr Kambley explained the role ice cream plays after tooth extraction. He said, “The blood vessels in the extracted area get constricted due to cold temperature, which causes a restriction to the fluid movement and provides relaxation to the affected area. It also helps to control the inflammation and, subsequently, the swelling. will not only give a ‘feel good effect’, but it will also help soothe the inflamed tissue. Even the sorest mouths can generally handle ice cream because it is both soft and cool in temperature. Unlike hard food, ice cream does not irritate the affected side and surrounding tissue. In this case, it’s not just comforting food but also good therapy. Just make sure it’s only for the first 24 hours.”

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Expert Advice: What You Should Know Before Tooth Extraction

  • There is pain and swelling after tooth extraction, so you should plan the extraction process accordingly, as it may interfere with your daily activities.
  • Swelling is a natural response noticed within the first 24 hours. In most cases, swelling begins to subside in 24 hours to 48 hours post-extraction.
  • Ice cream cones and flavors with large chunks, like chocolate chips and nuts, should be avoided.
  • Try to avoid solid or hard food as it may be hard to chew and cause discomfort to the affected area. In addition, it may cause food lodging and subsequent risk of infection.
  • To minimize the pain and swelling, using a cold compress on the side of the patient’s cheek where the extraction was done is important.

bottom line

Dr Kambley concluded, “If the patient is diabetic or has glucose intolerance, continue the cold compress with an ice bag and avoid ice creams. As important as oral hygiene is, it is equally important not to spit or rinse your mouth for the first 24 hours.” hours following the extraction. Hence one should worry about sugar building up in the oral cavity after eating the ice cream.”