Avoid These 5 Foods On An Empty Stomach



Morning Diet: Avoid These 5 Foods On An Empty Stomach

Breakfast is an important part of your day. Having a proper breakfast provides you with many health benefits, including protecting your heart, managing diabetes, and providing energy for the day. Just like having breakfast is important, what you eat for it has an equal value. Eating the right kinds of food on an empty stomach serves you well throughout the day. But if you make a mistake in choosing your breakfast ingredients, your stomach can give you a lot of discomfort and pain. There are certain foods that you should avoid when you have not eaten anything. Here are five food items you should avoid on an empty stomach.

Citrus Fruits

Avoid having citrus fruits. They have a high amount of citric acid that gives them the sour flavour. Eating citrus fruits leads to excess acid production in the stomach. This could lead to problems like heartburn. People who suffer from heartburn have irritated food pipes. When they consume citrus fruits or juices on an empty stomach, irritation further increases, causing discomfort. Additionally, these fruits contain high levels of fiber that can bloat your stomach and cause digestive problems.

Spicy Foods

Another type of food to avoid when you haven’t eaten anything is spicy food. When eaten on an empty stomach, spicy foods can give you so much pain. They can harm your stomach lining, causing discomfort. These foods can upset your stomach and lead to diarrhea. Your chances of suffering from indigestion and acidity increase too.

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Yogurt is known for its high calcium probiotic content. Its impact on your teeth and overall body is significant. But when you consume it on an empty stomach, your stomach acid kills the good bacteria, making them ineffective. So, consuming yogurt before not eating anything can prove futile and even lead to acidity.


A lot of people’s day starts with a cup of coffee. You might feel fresh at the moment but its long-term effects can be dangerous. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach increases the secretion of hydrochloric acid. This acidic activity leads to bloating, gastritis, and acidity.

High Sugar Foods

Foods containing high sugar levels can also cause trouble to your stomach. Processed foods and fruit juices have a high sugar content. When you consume high-sugar foods, your stomach gets overloaded with excess fructose. And when sugar enters your empty stomach, the insulin section becomes tough. Thus, it becomes difficult to maintain normal sugar levels in the blood.

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There are various options available that are healthy and have a positive impact on your stomach. The best option to start your day is to have some lukewarm water, followed by performing your morning routines. You can have fruits like papaya and watermelon. Soaked almonds are also a good option to start your day.

If you have made a habit of choosing the above mentioned foods in your breakfast, you can swap them with other healthier alternatives. If you are suffering from any bodily condition such as heart disease, diabetes, or kidney disease, you can consult your doctor about your morning diet.

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