7 Things You Should Never Do At The Gym



7 Things You Should Never Do At The Gym

We already know proper gym behavior includes putting away the phone, dressing in athletic attire, and posting workout selfies to show off your improvements. However, there are several rarely-known mistakes you can commit at the gym that could annoy or disturb others. So here are seven common gym mistakes that you should ideally avoid!

Keep Your Ego Out

As lifters, we always wanted to lift the heaviest weight and be known as strongmen. In gym terms, this is known as ego lifting: where a person blindly lifts weights, compromising his form and technique. The majority of injuries are caused by ego lifting. Remember, you can make gains from lighter weights as well by taking minimal rest in between sets and doing progressive overload.

Stop Dropping Weights

Lifting heavy weights just to drop them is not powerlifting: a lifter should be in complete control of his lift. It is acceptable to drop the weight while deadlifting or rowing. However, dropping weight unnecessarily and making a lot of noise can distract people and make some feel uncomfortable in what should be a relaxing environment for everyone.

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Wearing Suits To Gym

Social media is all about experimenting, and recently, people have switched from wearing dri-fit gym clothes to lifting in three-piece suits. The gym is the place you go to make gains not to take business calls. There is a reason why gym compressors are recommended, they protect you during heavy lifts and support you while running. Check out our article on gym wear trends for 2023 if you really want to experiment.

Not Re-racking

If you picked that weight up and performed 20 reps with it and later flaunted your lift on social media, then it is your duty to perform one more rep and re-rack that weight. People frequently underestimate re-racking, but it actually helps you burn calories. It also aids in the development of strong forearm muscles.

Leaving Your Sweat Behind

Sweating is normal, but dripping sweat on dumbbells and machines is not. If you really want an appreciation in the gym, don’t do this and use a towel while performing the exercise. It is best to carry one hand towel and one large towel for machines; this will help you avoid viruses as well.

Stop Interrupting Mid-Exercise

No one loves to be stopped in the middle of a set, so unless there is an urgent situation, wait until your fellow gym-goer has finished exercising before approaching them or trying to squeeze by them, no matter how perceptive your question or comment may be. be.

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don’t judge

Just because you’ve been lifting heavy and making gains recently doesn’t mean you’re the best or have the authority to judge anyone in the gym. Everyone approaches the gym with a different mindset: for some, it is a way of life, while for others, it is a pastime. Similarly, lifting heavy may be on your bucket list, but for others, it’s all about burning calories.

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