5 Warning Signs Of Body Dysmorphia



5 Warning Signs Of Body Dysmorphia

An underlying reason why most people are inclined towards working out is not that they want to improve their health but because they suffer from negative body image. The rise of the muscular body and ideal body image has led people to be dissatisfied with themselves. This illness is known as body dysmorphia (BD), where a person gets obsessed with his looks and thinks muscle is the ideal body type. On the other hand, muscles do not guarantee a fit body as people with muscle mass are more likely to suffer from disorders and health issues.

Warning Signs Of Body Dysmorphia

However, in most cases, BD goes unnoticed because people believe they must be harsh on themselves to achieve results. So, here are five warning signs indicating whether you are a BD victim.

1 Constantly Looking For Scale

When a person begins to lose weight and sees a change in their numbers, they begin to believe that what the scale shows is correct. Instead of viewing fitness as a part of their lifestyle, they become addicted to numbers, constantly wanting to step on the scale to gauge their progress. When a person suffering from BD eats something or skips a workout, they are concerned that their numbers will change; If you are also addicted to numbers, chances are you are suffering from BD.

2 Food Labeling

We are often advised to stop eating junk food and binge on fresh fruits when trying to lose weight. People suffering from BD believe that anything other than their diet is harmful to their health and that they should only consume low-calorie foods. In reality, there is no such thing as bad or good food; It is our lifestyle and years of bad habits that cause us to gain weight.

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3 No Days Off

People suffering from BD associate their identity with daily workouts and believe that if they miss even one workout, they will gain weight. Working out becomes a part of their daily routine, and they make an effort to sweat every day. Working out every day will undoubtedly help you burn calories, but it will also lead to overtraining and increase your risk of injury.

4 Looking For Certification

When a person from BD meets someone new, all they want to hear is that they look fit and this is their ideal body. People with this illness always depend on others for happiness, believing that what others say is the only truth. Furthermore, if someone makes a joke about them being out of shape, it causes them to fast and work out for an extended period of time.

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5 No Social Life

People suffering from BD see outings, be it a movie or Sunday brunch, as a factor in their obesity. Patients with BD prefer to live and eat alone. They are always hesitant to interact with others because they believe their friends and family will judge them based on their appearance. As a result, a person prefers spending time with himself, and the word social takes a back seat.

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