5 Tennis Elbow Exercises To Ease Pain



5 Simple Tennis Elbow Exercises For Pain Relief

Tennis elbow is very common among people playing sports like tennis and squash. It can also be caused by jobs or activities such as painting or plumbing. You might feel that it is best to rest when you have a tennis elbow, however, performing some exercises can help you get relief from the pain. Keep reading to learn what causes tennis elbow and what exercises can help treat your tennis elbow pain.

Tennis elbow and its causes

Tennis elbow is a condition that irritates the tissue connecting the forearm to the elbow. It is also known as lateral epicondylitis, which is mainly caused due to the overuse of the forearm by repetitive or strenuous activity. Furthermore, you can get a tennis elbow if you use your forearms regularly or start an activity that your forearms aren’t familiar with like gardening, swimming or decorating.

Symptoms Of Tennis Elbow

  • Your elbow pain gradually gets worse with time.
  • Experiencing a weak grip.
  • You face problems while lifting something or using tools.
  • You face pain when squeezing objects or while shaking hands.
  • The pain from the outside of the elbow comes down to the forearm and wrist.

Exercises For Tennis Elbow

1) Fist Squeeze

Step 1: You can use a sock, towel, or tennis ball and place it in your palm.

Step 2: Hold the ball or towel in your hand and make a fist.

Step 3: Squeeze it tightly for 10 seconds.

Step 4: Repeat this nine to 10 times.

2) Towel Twist

Step 1: Sit on a chair holding a towel in both hands with your arms at shoulder level.

Step 2: Keep your shoulders relaxed.

Step 3: Now, twist the towel by moving your hand in the opposite direction.

Step 4: Repeat this nine to 15 times in this direction, switch it to another direction, and repeat it another 10 times.

3) Wrist Curls

Step 1: Sit on the table with your hands over the sides. Your palm should face the ceiling.

Step 2: Hold a weight of one to 2 pounds. You can also use a filled water bottle if you don’t have a dumbbell.

Step 3: Slowly raise your hand, curling at the wrist.

Step 4: Lower gently and repeat this 10 times.

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4) Wrist Extension

Step 1: You can use a broom or walking stick and hold it in both hands.

Step 2: Move your arms to shoulder level and keep your elbows straight with your palms facing down.

Step 3: Turn the broom handle backwards as if trying to reel something in.

Step 4: Repeat this 15 times and do this twice a day.

5) Elbow Bend

Step 1: Stand straight and lower your arm to one side.

Step 2: Gently bend the arm upward until the hand reaches the shoulder.

Step 3: Maintain this position for 15 to 30 seconds.

Step 4: Repeat this nine to 10 times.

bottom line

You can try these exercises to relieve your pain and strengthen your elbow, however, you should stop doing them if there is any severe pain. You can also apply ice on your elbows post any strenuous physical activity. Visit your therapist and take the necessary measures needed for your treatment.

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