5 Side-Effects Of High Protein Diet That You Should Know

High Protein Diet


5 Side-Effects Of High Protein Diet That You Should Know

Protein is one of the essential nutrient for the body as it regulates health and functions of various organs. One of the major reasons why people consume protein is to build muscle mass and get a toned body. Besides, consuming a high protein and low fat diet also aids weight loss, keto diet is the perfect example of this. Both weight loss aspirants and bodybuilders consume high-protein diet but is it really safe? We have grown up hearing of taking a balanced diet so is consuming more protein beneficial? In this article, we list down the possible downsides of following a high protein diet.

Side Effects of High Protein Diet

Protein is essential for increasing muscle mass, promoting bone health and boosting metabolism. but excess of protein can be harmful. Some people might experience the side effects of protein overconsumption which can worsen health over time. Below are five major cons of high protein diet that you need to watch out for. If you witness any of these, make sure to limit protein in your diet and consult a doctor.

May increase uric acid

One of the potential side effect of high protein diet is that is can increase uric acid in the body. For the uninitiated, uric acid is produced in the body and can only be controlled through diet. Overconsumption of protein might increase uric acid levels which can cause weak bones, joint pain, muscle spasms and several other problems. Thus, it is suggested to keep uric acid levels in control.

Constipation and digestive problems

Side Effects Of High Protein Diet

Due to overconsumption of protein, you may have to face severe digestive issues. A lot of people complain of constipation, gas, indigestion, bloating and flatulence due to taking a high protein diet. If you experience digestive troubles while following a keto diet, it is high time to reduce its intake.

Risk of osteoporosis

Consuming too much protein can weaken your bones which puts you at risk of one deficiency and osteoporosis. Increased levels of protein can affect absorption of calcium in the body that may lead to calcium deficiency. This makes your bones weak and prone to damage.

May harm kidneys

Increased intake of proteins can also cause kidney problems like kidney stones. Doctors have warned against harmful effects of protein over consumption for kidney health. Many studies have also found that increased consumption of protein from non-dairy sources can cause acute dehydration and kidney damage.

Side Effects Of High Protein

May cause weight gain

Taking a high protein diet or overconsumption of protein for a long time can make you gain weight. Generally, people consume protein to lose weight and build muscle mass. However, its excess consumption can do the exact opposite.

Balanced eating is very important. You need to consume everything in moderation. If you are following a high-protein diet, make sure you balance it out. Consult your doctor for the right amount of protein you should have according to your age, health condition and other considerations.

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