5 Reasons Why You Should Use Vegan Makeup

Vegan Makeup


5 Reasons Why You Should Use Vegan Makeup

Consumers today are connected to the products they use and cautious of the ingredients in them. This has prompted brands to be very conscious, and consumer-centric when developing and marketing their products. This is especially true in the competitive market of cosmetics, where the focus is on creating a long-term relationship with the consumer rather than selling them one-off products. Overexposure to the daily new arrivals, and culture of overconsumption, cosmetic consumers are constantly experimenting with new brands and products; Mainly allured by the claims of vegan, natural and safe ingredients, the pre-purchase tech support, and the overall impression of the company. Vegan cosmetics are the new horizon that consumers and brands have arrived at.

Vegan brands are characterized by a commitment to making or selling products that do not include any animal-derived ingredients, says Aashna Jain, Creator- Rang De Color Cosmetics, Netsurf Communications Pvt. Ltd. Cruelty-free on the other hand means that a product or its ingredients have never been tested on animals at any development stage.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Vegan Makeup


Vegan and cruelty-free makeup mean that there are no animal-derived ingredients used in the products nor have they been tested on animals. This gives us as consumers a clear conscience that no animals have been harmed in the process and our choices contribute to a safer world for our animals.

Benefits of using vegan makeup

Better for the skin

Vegan cosmetics are usually made of natural ingredients like Lime Butter, Irish Moss, Coconut Water, Castor Oil, etc that work brilliantly for the skin. Vegan cosmetics are highly potent and use plant-based alternatives to animal derived ingredients such olive squalene to replace squalene derived from shark liver, synthetic pearls instead of guanine from fish scales, etc. There are many such ready alternatives available which make the use of non-vegan cosmetics redundant. Vegan Cosmetics also uses a lot less but highly potent ingredients making them perfect for sensitive skin.

Safer for your body

For the uninitiated, skin is the largest part of the human body. Therefore, you need to be very careful about what you put on it. The toxins and chemicals that we eat get filtered out by the liver and kidneys before they have a chance to do any harm. But our skin is an open window and any harmful chemicals applied to it are directly absorbed and circulated in the bloodstream making it harmful to our body.

Vegan makeup

Contains more nutritious goodness

Since ingredients used in Vegan Cosmetics are derived from plants, they are considered to be a more nutritious form of beauty products. Plants are the richest source of Vitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidants which are used to fuel healthier-looking skin. Rang De is a human-centric brand dedicated to creating innovative and high-quality products without harmful ingredients.

Prices are comparable to non-Vegan products

Shoppers are often hesitant to get on board with Vegan cosmetics if the prices are too high. The good news is that the cost of vegan beauty products has become comparable to other products on the market. Since you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make the shift.

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