5 Reasons Why Using Styling Products Might Cause Hair Fall



5 Reasons Why Using Styling Products Might Cause Hair Fall

The haircare industry is booming and there’s a flurry of new hair styling products taking over. Earlier, it used to be simpler. Most hair care routines include minimal products, but now, we have dedicated ranges for different hair types and requirements. Hair sprays, hair gels, hair dyes, keratin treatments, etc. are some of the popular hair styling go-tos, but are these safe?

A lot of products contain chemicals that cause hair damage by weakening the roots. Using such products frequently can lead to hair fall and hair loss. Besides, some people suffer allergic reactions after using chemical-based products. It is important that everyone must know the potential side-effects of using hair styling products to be a wise user.

There are numerous reasons why hair styling products might be bad and cause hair fall. Here are some of them:

Chemical components

Most hair styling products contain chemicals to help provide the best results. Be it hair dyes, hair gels or hair sprays. Using these frequently (three times or more in a week) can weaken the roots of hair. These chemicals can react and cause hair fall overtime.

hair styling product causes hair loss

alcohol content

One of the primary components of a hair styling product is alcohol. This is present in most of the products, the concentration may vary though. When alcohol-based products are applied on hair on a regular basis, they may dry up the scalp and increase the risk of dryness, weakness, and brittleness. If you use alcohol-based styling products frequently, your hair may lose its natural moisture and shine.

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Use of heat

Heat styling products also fall into the styling category. Hair dryer, straightener, curler, blow dryer, etc. are some of the examples. People who use these tools often suffer from hair breakage, split ends, and hair fall. If you are someone who loves using these tools, you must use a heat protector product too to reduce the damage. Investing in good quality styling tools is also an option but they are expensive as compared to normal tools.

hair styling products cause hair loss

Hair styling pins

Some hairstyles require you to pull back your hair and secure them with pins. While this gives a neater look, your hair might not be able to sustain the pressure and fall. It is suggested not to tie hair in a tight bun or ponytail if you are experiencing hair fall or have weaker strands.

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Scalp infections

Low-quality hair styling products contain chemicals that may cause scalp infection. This doubles up the risk of dandruff and hair fall. If your scalp itches a lot after using a particular product, stop using it immediately. Instead opt for organic and completely natural products. These are slightly expensive but have less risk.

These are some of the reasons why using hair styling products regularly might damage your hair and cause hair fall. It is necessary that you either limit their use or invest in high-quality products.

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