5 Reasons Why Sound Therapy Is Beneficial For Anxiety Relief



5 Reasons Why Sound Therapy Is Beneficial For Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is a rising health concern as people tend to ignore their well-being which leads to chronic anxiety and other psychological issues. While anxiety before an event is normal, long-term anxiety can be detrimental to holistic health. Thus, it is important that we tend to anxiety and alleviate it in all possible ways. Sound healing is a potent alternative therapy for anxiety, chronic stress and other related issues. An experienced sound therapist can help you overcome these issues easily and effectively. We reached out to Dr. Anju Sharma, Sound healing Master, Psychic Reformer and Holistic-Wellness Coach to know more about benefits of sound therapy for anxiety. Read on to know more.

Sound therapy benefits for anxiety relief

This therapy uses natural sounds, instruments as well as vocals to align mind and body, based on your problem and treatment required. Here are some reasons why one may opt for sound therapy to deal with anxiety.

#1 Sound therapy reduces stress

The primary cause of anxiety is stress. Prolonged, untreated stress can lead to anxiety. Therefore, stress reduction is the first step to anxiety relief. Sound therapy brings calmness to the mind, promotes relaxation, thereby lowering stress levels.

#2 Sound Therapy helps restore mental health.

Sound vibrations are known to realign mental health by improving brain functions. Emotional trauma, stress, anger, anxiety, all contribute to worsened mental and psychological health. Sound healing uses soothing sounds that efficiently treat potential triggers to revive mental wellness.

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Sound therapy benefits for anxiety relief

#3 Sound therapy reduces depressive thoughts

When anxiety becomes chronic, it increases the risk of depression. You start questioning your worth which also affects your self-esteem. By seeking help from a sound therapist, you can overcome depressive thoughts. Over time, this would boost your confidence.

#4 Sound therapy promotes better sleep

One of the common issues that are caused due to anxiety is insomnia or sleep disorders. Staying up late, unable to sleep, feeling groggy and lazy after waking up, etc. are signs that anxiety is affecting your sleep. This healing therapy improvises sleep patterns to help your mind and body get ample rest.

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#5 Sound therapy is safe and effective

Lastly and most importantly, sound healing therapy is 100% safe and effective. This is a natural and scientifically proven method to reduce anxiety and numerous other physical, mental and psychological ailments.

Types of sound healing therapy for anxiety relief

There are numerous types of sound therapy that provide aid for different concerns. Here are two types that can effectively relieve anxiety.

Quartz crystal bowl healing

Also known as singing bowls, these align with your chakras to process healing. Clear quartz contains rainbow colors that resonate with the seven chakras of the body. Singing bowl brings healing consciousness and positivity.

Sound therapy for anxiety relief

Sound bath meditation

This therapy uses a balance of lower and higher frequencies to induce soundness in the brain and body. This uses different instruments like tuning forks, flutes, singing bowls, gongs, etc. To maximize healing. final words

If you are dealing with anxiety, you must visit a sound healing expert to start sessions. This would improve your holistic health and prevent potential complications that may arise due to anxiety.

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