5 Moves The Actor Swears By



Milind Soman Fitness: 5 Moves The Actor Swears By

From a style icon to being a film producer and a fitness enthusiast, Milind Soman has effortlessly endorsed the phrase ‘aging like fine wine’. Soman never takes a day off from training and is also very particular about his diet. The 57-year-old recently revealed the exercises he does to maintain muscle mass and how he stays in shape despite his busy schedule. So, here are Milind Soman’s moves that earned him the title of “Ironman”.


Back muscles not growing? Try incorporating pull-ups into your workout. Pull-ups are one of the go-to exercises for Milind Soman as it helps him maintain a reasonable level of fitness. It is one of the most effective bodyweight exercises which you can even perform at home. Performing regular pull-ups strengthens your lats muscle, mid back, traps and rear delt. For maximum gains, Soman suggests performing 15 pull-ups per day.

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When it comes to bodyweight workouts, nothing can beat the effectiveness of push-ups. Push-ups are an excellent exercise for toning and strengthening your chest, triceps, shoulders, abs, and obliques. While the standard push-up is well-known, Soman prefers decline push-ups. The main advantage of doing decline pushups is that they help you build strong upper chest muscles.


Struggling with weak pec muscles? Dips are an exercise you should not skip. Soman is a firm believer in dips because they help to work many muscles in the upper body while posing little risk of injury. Without a doubt, dips are one of the best bodyweight exercises, which works both for beginners as well as advanced athletes. Dips work your chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, and back delts. Dips, when done correctly, can help you gain muscle mass in your upper body. This exercise can also help you build strength for other exercises like bench presses.


Adding planks to your routine could be a game changer for your belly fat. Planks are a great way to burn fat while also strengthening your core muscles. Soman believes that planks are a wonderful exercise that everyone should do. On Mother’s Day, he even shared a video of his mother performing a plank for over a minute. The best thing about performing planks is that it helps you burn a lot of calories. Additionally, it also improves posture and increases metabolism.

Plyo Push-Ups

Plyo push-ups, also known as clapping push-ups, are an advanced variation that is difficult to execute, but Soman does it with ease. Plyo push-ups are commonly used by athletes to improve athletic performance. The primary muscle worked in clapping push-ups is the chest and it also works on the triceps and shoulder.

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Pro Tip

Plyo push-ups are primarily used to improve strength and endurance, so keep your upper body and core engaged throughout the exercise rather than your legs.

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