5 Exercises The Indian Cricketer Swears By



Virat Kohli Fitness: 5 Exercises The Indian Cricketer Swears By

Scoring back-to-back tons, taking quick singles, and flying catches have become the “new normal” for Virat Kohli. Without a doubt, the Indian cricketer is one of the fastest and most aggressive cricketers on the field and it’s his fitness level that makes him surpass the opponents. Kohli recently revealed the exercises he performs to get those fast legs and how he maintains mobility despite so much of a workload. So here are Virat Kohli’s moves which made him king Kohli both on and off the field.


Lunges are one of the go-to exercises for Virat Kohli as it helps him develop strong legs and core. Lunges are a type of resistance exercise that can be performed regardless of an individual’s goal whether it’s fat loss or muscle gain. According to Healthline, adding lunges to your workout can help you maintain balance and stability. The best part about this exercise is that no special equipment is required. Additionally, performing lunges every day can help one burn a lot of calories.

power clean

Power clean is an Olympic weight lifting exercise that helps with improved grip strength and adding muscle mass. Kohli swears by this movement as it helps him in hitting the ball out of the park. Power clean is a type of full-body workout that strengthens the posterior chain muscles, including the glutes, hamstrings, spine, traps, and calves. The best part about this exercise is that it is ideal for both beginners as well as advanced athletes.

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flat bench press

A flat bench press is a compound exercise that targets the upper body muscles, including the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Bench presses have many variations but Kohli prefers to do them with dumbbells over barbells. Performing bench presses helps with improved upper body strength and strong pec muscles. If an individual’s goal is to build a Pinterest-like physique then bench press should be a part of their workout.

Bent Over Rowing

Looking to develop a V-tapered back? Bent Over Rowing is an exercise one should not skip. It is possibly bent over rowing that helps Kohli outplay the bowlers. A person can perform rowing both with dumbbells as well as cables but Kohli prefers a barbell because it helps him with progressive overload which in turn results in more speed and power. The muscles worked during rowing are the lats, mid back, traps and rear delt.

banded squats

Performing banded squats is one of the best ways to develop strength as well as power. Kohli is a sole believer in squats as it helps him in boosting athletic performance. As reported by Eat This Not That, squats are also an excellent calorie burner and when performed regularly can even help with weight loss. Squats even improve flexibility which is a must because as we age our muscles get stiff and less elastic. Performing regular squats can assist in slowing down this process.

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Pro Tip

Don’t jump into these exercises straightaway, make sure to warm up as it will mentally prepare the human body for the workout and will reduce the chance of injury.

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