5 Exercises Rishabh Pant Swears By



Rishabh Pant Fitness: 5 Exercises The Indian Cricketer Swears By

To be an IPL team captain and attacking batsman requires you to be at your fittest self all the time, and there’s no better example than Rishabh Pant. However, if you’ve ever played cricket, you’ll know that being a wicketkeeper requires you to sit in a squat position for hours and hours, and the 25-year-old has the stamina to do it with seeming ease. Pant has undoubtedly worked hard on his fitness in the recent years, which is why he is currently reigning supreme with his range-hitting. So, if you’re wondering how Pant keeps his flexibility while managing his workload, here are Rishabh Pant’s moves that have helped him become one of the world’s favorite cricketers.

power clean

Power clean is one of the go-to exercises for Rishabh Pant as it helps with both strength and speed, which is essential for a wicketkeeper-batsman. Power clean is a full-body workout that targets the posterior chain muscles, including the glutes, hamstrings, spine, traps, and calves. Furthermore, this exercise boosts metabolism while burning a lot of calories. The best part about this exercise is that it is appropriate for both beginner and advanced athletes.

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dead lift

The deadlift is a weight-lifting exercise that helps with improved grip strength and adding muscle mass. Pant swears by this movement as it helps in hitting the ball out of the park. The deadlift strengthens the hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, and lower back. Secondary muscles such as the core, abs, shoulders, and upper back are also involved. The best thing about deadlifting is that it helps you build strength for other compound movements like leg press and bench press.


Back muscles not growing? Bent-over rowing is an exercise one should not skip. It is possibly bent-over rowing that helps Pant during wicketkeeping. A person can perform rowing both with dumbbells as well as barbells, but Pant prefers a dumbbell possibly because it helps him with better mind-muscle connection, which in turn results in more speed and power. The muscles worked during rowing are the lats, mid back, traps and rear delt.

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Adding planks to your routine could be a game changer for your belly fat. Pant seems to be an ardent believer of planks as it helps boost athletic performance. It is also an excellent way to lose stubborn fat while strengthening your core and improving your abdominal performance. The best thing about planks is that they help you burn a lot of calories. It also increases metabolism and improves posture.

bicep curls

Bicep curls are one of Pant’s favorite arm strengthening exercises because they help add muscle mass while also improving grip strength. Bicep curls can be done with dumbbells or a barbell, but Pant prefers the dumbbell because it possibly allows him to perform progressive overload, which leads to strength gains. The best thing about biceps curls is that they can be performed regardless of whether your goal is weight loss or muscle gain.

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