5 Exercises Footballer Sunil Chhetri Swears By



Fitness Over 30: 5 Exercises Footballer Sunil Chhetri Swears By

Scoring quick goals, breaking records, and continuous sprinting are now synonyms with Sunil Chhetri. Without a doubt, the Indian footballer is one of the active and most aggressive footballers on the field and it’s his fitness level that makes him the third-highest active goalscorer in international football. Chhetri recently revealed the exercises he performs to get those fast legs and how he maintains mobility despite so much of a workload. So here are Sunil Chhetri’s moves which made him a stalwart both on and off the field.


Looking to develop a V-tapered back? Pull-ups are an exercise one should not skip. Pullups are one of the most effective bodyweight exercises which you can even perform at home. It is possibly Pull-ups that help Chhetri score flying goals. The muscles worked during pull ups are the lats, mid back, traps and rear delt.


Being a footballer requires strong legs and that’s why Sunil Chettri relies on squats for his legs and core strength. Squats are a type of compound exercise that can be performed regardless of an individual’s goal whether it’s fat loss or muscle gain. According to Healthline, adding squats to your workout can help you build strength and stability. A person can perform squats both with dumbbells as well as barbell but Chhetri prefers a barbell because it helps him with progressive overload which in turn results in more speed and power. Additionally, performing squats can help one burn a lot of calories.

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battle rope

Want to get rid of weekend bloat? Battle rope can help you burn over 400 calories in under an hour. The battle rope is a type of full-body workout that targets your abdominals, shoulders, arms, upper and lower back and lower body. Chhetri swears by this movement as it helps him in maintaining stability and mobility. The best part about this exercise is that it is ideal for athletes of all levels.

Biceps Curls

Arms not growing? Adding biceps curls to your routine may work wonders. One of Chhetri’s go-to exercises for developing upper body strength, biceps curls help in adding muscle mass and also help improve grip strength. You can perform biceps curls both with dumbbells as well as barbell but Chhetri prefers a dumbbell because it helps him with progressive overload which in turn results in strength gains. The best part about biceps curls is that they are an excellent exercise for strengthening all three muscles that bend your elbow.

flat bench press

If a person’s goal is to develop a large, rounded chest, a bench press should be included in their workout. A flat bench press is a compound exercise that targets the chest, shoulders, and triceps. The best part about performing bench presses is that it helps build upper body strength and strong pec muscles. Bench presses have many variations but Chhetri prefers to do it with dumbbells over barbells.

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Pro Tip

If you are lifting heavy, make sure to warm up as it will mentally prepare the human body for the workout and will reduce the chance of injury.

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