5 easy yoga poses to increase height quickly



Height Badhane ke liye yoga

If the height of any person is less then it has a direct effect on his personality, that is why it is very important to have the right height of the person. There are many reasons behind the height of any person being more or less, but if your height is less (height badhane ke liye yoga), then you can increase your height by doing some measures. You can also increase your height with yoga, if you take the help of yoga to increase the height, then it is most beneficial for you because yoga does not cause any harm to you.

easy yoga to increase height

In today’s time, many people start taking many types of medicines to increase the height, due to which instead of getting many benefits, they are read to suffer losses. Let us now provide you information about the yoga of increasing height –

  1. Tadasana – Yogasana to increase height If you are troubled due to low height, then Tadasana can be very beneficial for you. First of all, you should stand straight by joining both the legs together, after that while straightening both your hands, join the fingers of both the hands together. Keep the body absolutely straight and take both your hands above your head, take care that the fingers of both your hands are together, when the hands reach above the head, then try to move your hand upwards when you are holding hands. If you take it up, then the weight of your body comes on the toes of your feet. When you are taking your body upwards, at that time you have to breathe slowly, take it as high as you can easily take your body, after that for as long as you can stay in this posture. Stay and come back In the beginning, you may have trouble because there may be trouble in making balls right away, so do not worry, gradually your balance will start building. Do Tadasana 8 to 10 times daily, by doing this asana regularly, your height can increase soon (lambai badhane ka yoga).

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  1. Halasana: To do this asana, first of all, lie down straight on your back on a clean ground, after that keep both your hands straight, then try to touch the ground above your head while raising both your legs upwards. When you move the legs upwards, then draw the breath and when you bring the legs back, then exhale, take care to take the legs up slowly and bring them back slowly. By doing this asana regularly, you get benefits in increasing the height as well as getting rid of the problem of gas and acidity.
  1. Bhujangasana: To do this asana, first of all, lie down on your stomach, inverted, join both your legs and straighten the claws, then bend the elbows of both your hands and place the palms under your elbows. After that, now you lift your head and upper body upwards with the help of hands, take your head and chest as far back as you can, then stay in the same posture for a few seconds, then back to your Bring the body back to the ground. Keep doing this process for some time, in the beginning your body and head are not able to go back much but when you keep doing the asanas then after a few days you will be able to do it well, doing this easy regularly will help you to improve your reading. Along with getting the benefit of the bone, your height (height badhane ka yoga) also starts increasing.
  1. Paschimottanasana This easy is also very beneficial to increase the height, to do this asana, first of all, straighten your legs and sit on the ground. Then you try to hold the toes with both hands while bending your body, you may not touch your toes with your hands in the beginning, in such a situation you try to bend your body as much as you can. | Try to do this asana many times, by doing this asana regularly, you get benefits in a few days.
  1. Sarvangasana By doing Sarvangasana, your body gets many benefits, this asana increases your height as well as removes stress, fatigue, helps in making memory sharp, also helps in removing headache and eye pain. happens | To do this asana, first of all, you lie down straight, after that while breathing slowly, first of all, lift both your legs upwards, then lift the waist and chest as high as you can easily carry your body. Take it upwards as much as you can, after that keeping both the hands at the waist while bending the elbows, try to stay in this position for at least 30 seconds, after that then slowly bring the feet back on the ground. Keep it Repeat this asana many times, regularly doing this asana (yoga to increase height) gives you quick benefits.

We hope that you have liked the information given in our article on yoga to increase height. But we advise you that if you are doing yoga for the first time, then do yoga in front of a yoga expert or with their help, if you do not have a yoga guru, then do yoga under the supervision of a person who has done yoga before. | To take full advantage of yoga, it is very important for you to do yoga in the right way.