4 Ways To Deal With Difficult Emotions

Difficult Emotions


Expert Explains 4 Ways To Deal With Difficult Emotions

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. This is a pretty common phrase that we’ve known since our childhoods. However, the time spent reflecting on this phrase and drawing connections in our regular life remains at a low.

Contrary to the popular belief, there is a direct link between human emotions and the thoughts we entertain for our health. In an exclusive interaction with OnlyMyHealth editorial team, Devina Kaur, an inspirational speaker, and the founder of the Sexy Brilliant Non-Profit Foundation shares a few ways how you can deal with your emotions in a better way.

1. Awareness of thoughts

The best way to understand this is by the change in our demeanour after listening to an upbeat song. It happens because the beats of the song elevate mood and makes a person feel energized by the rhythm of the music. This is why music is known to make people feel more alive and vibrant toward life. Similarly, when you listen to a melancholic song or a song that reminds you of a sad memory, your attitude at the moment changes and you’re transformed into that moment of sadness. Our emotions and thoughts influence our decisions and gut health. When we’re upset, we crave our comfort foods to make ourselves feel better. Therefore, emotions are not masculine or feminine, neither right nor wrong, but being aware of your thoughts will help you deal with situations better.

2. Learn and grow

Making mistakes is a part of life and we all at some point have had to deal with the consequences of them. However, the important bit is to understand that holding on to those mistakes and not moving further is a disrespect to life and your being. Instead, one should learn lessons from the mistakes and incorporate the same in our lives to become wiser in the future. Know that holding to the past and pushing yourself in the present will only bring you down in life.

Ways To Deal With Difficult Emotions

3. Release the negativity

Mirth and misery are the part and parcel of life and we can’t separate them from each other. Instead, we should release the negativity associated with our mistakes, weaknesses and flaws. Accept them as a part of ourselves. Once we get our imperfections, we can channel our energy into living a harmonious life. A balanced life will have an equal portion of emotions and radical thoughts to help you lead a merciful and blissful life.

4. Mindfulness

Being aware of your thoughts and listening to your inner self is a form of self-love and growth. At our home, we practice martial arts every week to release any strong emotions that might have accumulated over the week and release tension from the body. Following a routine also helps us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Once you start to follow a morning or evening routine, the body will fall into a natural rhythm. On top of it having a routine helps the body calm down after a tiring day. Even when you’re having a rough day, an evening or a night regime will help your body relax before you call it a day. This will also help you get a sound sleep. Meditative sessions and regular exercising will also help you lead a balanced life.