10 amazing benefits of eating corn

eating corn
eating corn


Everyone likes to eat roasted corn during the rainy season. Apart from being delicious, it is also beneficial for your health. Where roasting any other food item reduces the nutrients present in it, even after roasting the corn, its nutrients do not decrease.

The importance of eating corn to stay healthy has also been told in Ayurveda. Corn is beneficial for everyone from children to elders. Let us know in this article about the information about 10 tremendous benefits of eating corn:

 eating corn
eating corn

10 amazing benefits of eating corn Top 10 Health benefits of Corn

  1. Vitamin A Consumption of corn during the rainy season can cure many diseases. It is an excellent source of vitamin A called carotenoids which are helpful in reducing the risk of heart disease.
  2. Cholesterol : Corn contains cholesterol equal to Nana, which makes it useful for your heart health.
  3. Antioxidant: Corn is a rich source of antioxidant properties. It is extremely useful for the physical and mental development of children.
  4. Cancer The ferulic acid phenolic beta-carotene and carotene present in it are beneficial in fighting complex diseases like cancer.
  5. Fiber : Corn is rich in soluble and soluble fiber. It kills bacteria or disease-causing bacteria in the intestines. This helps in reducing the risk of ulcers. It also provides relief from digestive problems like constipation and piles.
  6. Minerals : The yellow grains of corn are rich in minerals, which strengthen the bones. The minerals found in corn help in the proper functioning of the kidney.
  7. Vitamin B Complex : Vitamins such as thiamine and niacin in corn helps in maintaining the health and memory of our nervous system.
  8. Folic Acid Vitamin B and folic acid present in corn prevents anemia. Iron deficiency is fulfilled by eating it, which plays an important role in the formation of red blood cells.
  9. Folic Acid Deficiency of folic acid in pregnancy prevents the development of the baby properly and there is a possibility of neural tube defects at birth. Pregnant women get benefits from the consumption of corn.
  10. Teeth By eating corn, our teeth remain strong and there is no kid in it.

During the rainy season, corn is available at a very low price. You can also eat it by roasting, boiling or taking out its grains and making its vegetable / khichdi. To take advantage of all its properties, you must consume it during rainy days.